Wedding Photography

Follow our tips for the best wedding photography experience.

In addition to the tips on shooting the best moments of a wedding ceremony, we will also let you know about the equipment and their arrangement that would be helpful enough.

Follow our tips for the best wedding photography experience.

In addition to the tips on shooting the best moments of a wedding ceremony, we will also let you know about the equipment and their arrangement that would be helpful enough.

Wedding Photography is a Challenge – Why?
The Actual Work Flow for Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography is a Challenge – Why?

Weddings are one of the most important days in a person’s life.

Wedding photography plays an essential role in capturing this special moment which can come with a lot of pressure.

You may be thinking that you are not a professional photographer and may not be successful enough in the task bestowed upon you.

But remember – even the professionals have had their own pitfalls. The essence of the task is to learn from your mistakes.

This tutorial is an attempt at guiding you through the prospect of becoming one of the creative and popular wedding photographers.

Follow our guide and learn from the mistakes that others may have committed.

Well, weddings are normally a one-time affair. That is precisely what makes it one of the most challenging options – because you have no room for any error as such.

Time is one of the major challenges here.

The weddings generally get over in just a few hours and there are no rehearsals and re-dos. You need to be very attentive and you have to capture every moment that comes your way.

Being diligent is what you would need to take care of.

Learn from A Pro

Well, Wedding Photography is not that easy to learn in a few hours.

The best way to gain the knowledge is through assisting a professional wedding photographer.

Working with a Pro will help you learn the basics of the wedding photography.

This will help you avoid the most common mistakes you may be committing while indulging in the professional photography.

You may also learn the techniques from the professional photographer and apply these ideas while you are handling the wedding photography on your own.

There are several techniques you can learn from the professionals.

Even when you are aware of a few techniques, the crux of the matter should be how you would be applying them to the specific occasions.

The Equipment

Before you can actually excel in your wedding photography, the equipment you carry will have an important bearing on the actual outcome.

The Camera and Fixtures

Make sure that your camera is working properly and is in an excellent working condition.

A DSLR or a mirrorless camera is what you would need as that is something that can handle everything that the wedding ceremony may throw at you.

You will need to work at different locations under different parameters.

You will have no chance to waste time in making changes and working through the complicated settings.

Your camera needs to change its settings at the shortest notice.  

The essential points your camera needs to have included are a high ISO, faster shutter speed and a great deal of focusing points.

Capability for shooting in RAW format can be another advantage, or more so – a photographer’s delight.

You should also be ready for the unforeseen circumstances with a good deal of extra camera, lenses, and flashlights. Ideally, we would suggest you opt for two cameras.

Carry as many Accessories as Possible

Extra batteries and memory cards should be what is most needed the most. As a professional photographer, you would not want to be disturbed with silly excuses.

How about backing up the shots to your laptop or any other devices should save from embarrassing moments.

Data loss can hit you any time.

If you want to avoid the disappointment or the tragic incidents of loss of your data, it can be a good idea to back up your images. Most of the modern cameras come with a sharing and backup feature.


Tripod can be quite handy while shooting wedding photographs.

It can be quite useful in cases where you are taking group photographs.

A tripod can be quite a useful accessory when so that you can direct the members of the group through gestures with both hands. It can also be helpful in making flash settings.

Wireless Transmitter

We just made a reference to the wireless sharing of your files to your laptop.

A wireless transmitter can be quite helpful from that perspective. This can save you from unexpected data loss due to camera malfunctions.

A few other Accessories

Wedding Photography is all about shooting the right shots at the right moment.

That would necessitate a whole lot of accessories.

Carrying two cameras can need a strap bag or shoulder bag. And then, carrying two cameras will bring up more chargers and cards.

Drone photography is getting popular day by day.

Shooting the surrounding area of a wedding venue with an aerial view can add more value to the wedding album you are going to create.

In fact, it can be the best prelude to your wedding album.

Lighting is an important aspect of a wedding.

Using huge flashes should ideally be out of bounds as it may produce distraction. There may be some areas that may prohibit the use of lights.

In such cases, off camera flashes like speed lights can be a good option. Reflectors too can be helpful in getting reflected light.


Actual Work Flow for Wedding Photography

Now that you have taken enough care to make a to-do list of all the necessary paraphernalia, it is time to get into the mood for the real job at hand.

We go with a few tips on how to go with the workflow and plan your shots.

Let us check a few points and factors not to be missed. We assume the guidelines here should be ideal enough to assist you in becoming a Pro in wedding photography.

The planning is what assumes importance and here are a few aspects you can take care of…

Never Go Alone

Wedding Photography is all about carrying a whole lot of accessories. Carrying all of them on your own may not be an easy task.

A helping hand should be a quite ideal consideration in those situations.

Apart from helping you in carrying the accessories, your accomplice can also be helpful in aiding you in managing the tasks like lighting, trying the test shots and checking out the possibly best shots.

In fact, if he is a photographer himself, it would be an added advantage.

In fact, we would advise opting for a wedding photographer as your second person as he would be able to help you with shooting the ongoing activities at another location while you are busy with the main function.

You can then accompany him as the second person on his projects. This kind of collaboration can be ideal for both of you.

Plan the Shoots

wedding photography

Pre-planning can go a long way in getting accustomed to your clients.

Plan a few pre-shots before the wedding.

This can help you get along well with the bride and groom.

In fact, this can also help the bride and groom to come closer and thus be fluid enough with their emotions on the wedding day.

A compatible couple romantically involved with one another can indeed offer the best poses for the camera on the wedding day.

The Pre Wedding photography has been quite popular over the years.

This can be done with a story background and can be shot at any location decided on mutual consent.

The pre-wedding shots (or videos) can be shot at attractive locations, or even at the studio.

You may even plan to do it at bride or groom’s home.

Don’t Forget the Guests

bride with bouquet

Guests at a wedding can come from different backgrounds. There may be colleagues, neighbours, acquaintances or family members. Know the guests before shooting them for a pose.

In fact, it would be a good practice to make a list of the guests so that you can understand about their importance with the hosts.

Make a VIP list of the guests so that you can give them prominence in the wedding album.

Learn their names so that you can make them comfortable while you shoot with them.

You can include a few good portraits of the guests who matter the most.

Capture the First Moments

Of course, the wedding is a memorable affair in its entirety.

But, there are a few memories that the couple may cherish forever. Including them in the wedding album can have cheering effects for the couple for longer periods of time.

Discuss with your clients as to which moments they would want to be made memorable.

Make a list of those moments.

That would help you plan the shoots and moments if they do not come naturally as part of the wedding ceremony.

There are several special moments like the first kiss, the first dance together or the first hug.

One of the major issues with these special moments as they happen quite fast.

You have to be extra cautious to capture them right at the moment.

bride and groom kissing

How about planning the events a few days before the actual D-Day?

This can help you capture the moments in the right zeal and the correct order that they happen.

Another special moment that needs attention is the entry of the couple to church, garden or the venue of the wedding.

It may be dependent upon the religious leanings of the couple (or the family) whether the couple makes an entry separately or together.

Plan well ahead and shoot the proceedings accordingly. Shoot the entry from multiple angles. This is where your second photographer can come quite handy.

The First Dance Can be Tricky

The dance is a part of the light moment and shooting it in the right way it is meant to be can be a difficult task for the wedding photographer.

You may not be able to use direct flash as it may kill the light atmosphere associated with the act and convert it into something dramatic, killing the natural flare attached to the first dance.

wedding first dance

A close up on the faces of the bride and groom can be a good idea as you would be able to capture the emotions, expressions and laugh on their face.

You may also capture a slow sync flash shot to showcase the dance movements. Try underexposing the shot to give it a natural look.

The best trick here should be opting for the multiple shots.

You can opt for a faster shutter speed and shoot as many different shots as would be feasible. You can then choose the best ones while processing the images.

The Reactions

The reactions of the guests and family members while the special moments are unfolding can be yet another great addition to the wedding album.

The reactions of the friends, relatives and family should be observed carefully and shot from different angles.

These WOW moments can indeed add a fun element to the wedding album most of the times.

You can ask your second person to shoot the reactions of the guests while you are busy shooting the first moments with the couple

Capturing these moments can be quite tricky.

Ensure that you can capture and cover as many faces as possible.

The joyous occasion and the memories thereof are indeed needed to be cherished for a long time to come.

Group Shots

This can indeed be the tricky situation for most of the wedding photographers.

Almost everyone joining the celebrations would want to have a portrait with the couple.

Shooting in groups can be quite ideal in those circumstances.

If you get busy with the portrait shoots – you may end up having no time for the actually important shots.

Ensure that you have taken enough number of shots while shooting the groups.

This will ensure that any shot with errors can be eliminated and the memory preserved without having to remove the entire group.

Have A Keen Eye for The Unexpected Moments

Yes, apart from the planned shoot schedule you may already have with you, you may also experience some lively moments – rather unexpectedly.

These can act as strings to your wedding album and indeed be the best special moments.

beach wedding toast to the bride and groom

Of course, they do not need to have anything specific to do with the wedding ceremony or the rituals.

You may spot a kid with that cheerful smile, an old age couple chatting away cosily, or people indulging in sort of camaraderie at a corner.

Shoot those moments right away.

Group of kids playing can be a real asset, especially when they are shining in that formal attire.

Do remember that you cannot create or plan these activities.

Thus you need to have a keen eye around the venue for finding any such moments.

These shots can add a pinch of originality and rarity to your shots.

The couple will indeed cherish the additions of these lively moments to their wedding album.

Try Capturing the Smallest Ever Details

Small details are more cherished. Ensure that you have included as many of them as possible in your album. Like the ring can be the most important aspect of any wedding.

There are several creative ideas you can put into place to shoot the occasion and be different.

You can also pay close attention to the smallest of the details like the flowers, close-ups of the rings and the clothing.

The intricate designs of the shoes or the closer look at the jewelry can also be an added advantage.

In fact, these kinds of small details can act as strings to attach the wide number of shots covering the couple, guests and the location.

The couple and the family have spent thousands on the wedding preparation and the arrangements.

The best way that they can cherish it is through the photographs and other imagery.

Rather than the main function, it is the little details that would indeed be more important in making the occasion special and memorable.

There may be several small details that can make the occasion special.

Capture as many of them as possible to present the best wedding album ever. Some prominent examples can be the bridal attire, the jewelry, gifts, gift cards, and the guest reactions.

In fact, these small details can also aid in quenching your creative thirst.

You can put your artistic capabilities to test in shooting these small details so that they can be memorable enough for the couple and stand a proof to your unique talent for creativity.

Outdoor Shoots

wedding rings

Well, weddings generally take place in the summers.

The harsh sunlight can hinder your photography in many ways.

The photography inside the venue may be managed with the proper amount of lighting, but the outdoor shoots can be quite a huge issue.

No matter whether you make the subjects face the sun or have the sun behind them – the images are bound to suffer from shadows and improper backlighting.

Using fill-in flash can solve most of the issues you may face with your outdoor shots.

You can avoid the bright sunlight by shifting your subject to a slightly shaded area.

Coming to the use of flash, your indoor photography ideally needs the flash in any case.

Whether you have sufficient natural light or not, you should use flash albeit with differing intensities.

If you want to capture the facial moments, you can opt for fill-in flash.

One the sun goes down, everything changes and you will want to adjust your night photography approach.

The Choice

Well, you have followed all the rules and taken all the important shots.

But, this is just the half of the task completed.

The actual task as a wedding photographer should begin now!

Yes, we are referring to the post-processing work.

After a day of shooting around the location and the rituals – we assume you have ended up shooting around 500 to 1500 total shots.

If you have backed up all those shots to the cloud or a physical device – you may start right away to work through the post-processing schedule.

Having the images available on a larger screen will make it easy to work through the task of choosing the best shots.

Initial Sorting

Remove the dud shots right away.

There are a few multiple shots that may have been shot to avoid missing the important events so just remove them. Have a keen eye to differentiate between the similar shots.

This should help you end up with around 300 to 400 shots that you want to work ahead on.

Next step would be to build your collection based on the shots you would want to keep, the shots you may want to keep and some that you have not yet decided upon.

Software tools like Adobe Lightroom can come in handy in those situations.

These tools utilize a non-destructive mode for image crunching.

Set the images you have chosen as Keepers to your final album. Next on the line-up is to perform the final selection.  

Apply Photoshop Tweaks

If you have shot the images in the final format, you can easily flip through the images and perform the basic editing if needed.

On the other hand, if you have shot the images in RAW, you will need to go through the high-end processing that includes adjusting the contrast or color among a host of other parameters.

You can apply a few tweaks using the Photoshop or any other equivalent software to make the images memorable.

If you are not proficient enough in Photoshop, you may hire the services of a qualified person.

And yes, before you remove a few shots, it would be ideal to consult the bride and groom to decide on which shots they want to keep.

Conclusion – Guide on Wedding Photography

Well, these were a few tips that would be helpful in shooting the best moments in a vivid way.

We assume we have helped you achieve the best standards in wedding photography through the above tips and guides.

In case, we have achieved that goal, we would consider our efforts have well paid off.

Do share your own experiences with us so that other photographers around can benefit from your experiences.

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