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Many photographers have a subject or specific event that they prefer to capture on film. Our talented, professional photographers at PMAI specialize in a variety of photoshoots.

A few of the photo shoot options you can get from us include professional headshots, couple photo shoots, family photo shoots, and maternity photo shoots.

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Create and maintain your personal brand online with professional headshots.

You might be interested in getting a professional headshot for a variety of reasons.

Headshots have become an essential part of presenting yourself professionally, beyond just the acting and modeling industries.

If you have any sort of professional presences online or on a job site, then you should have a good headshot.

Our photographers work with you to get your photogenic side and create the best headshot for your needs.


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Professional headshots

Couple Photo Shoot

When you’re with the right person, you want to capture every moment you have with them. While nothing can replace the goofy selfies and photos you take of each other, having professional photos taken during a couple photoshoot can really capture the love you have.

Choosing us to take photos of you and your significant other means that you’ll get a professional photographer that will encourage you to be your authentic selves. No posing with stiff bodies or forced smiles.

Maternity Photo Shoot

Pregnancy is a beautiful process; you’re bringing life into the world. Unfortunately, expecting mothers know that not every step on the journey to give birth is glamorous. It can leave you feeling lethargic, moody, and just plain gross at times.

Getting one of our photographer to take photos during a maternity photoshoot will remind you of the joys that came with pregnancy long after your baby is born. Out photographers will take your wants and needs into consideration when you book a photo shoot with us.

Family Photo Shoot

Family portraits are perfect for the holiday season and to hang in your home as your children grow older.

They’re wonderful keepsakes to look back on.

Our photographers can take the perfect family photoshoot that you can put in your wallet, on the wall, or in a scrapbook.

Whether you’re looking for specific poses or want a photo that’s more natural, we can capture it for you.

Scheduling & Booking Your Photo Shoot Session

 The first step to setting up a session with one of our photo shoot professional photographers is a consultation with the photographer you’re interested in.

Just drop us an email or call so that we have an idea of what type of photo shoot you’re looking for. We can also help you decide and design the type of session you get if you’re unsure.

The second step is the actual scheduling of the date and time. Our studio allows you to book a session any day of the week, and you can book any time between morning and late afternoon.

Our photographers spend an ample amount of time one on one with you so that you have their full attention.

When you book, be sure that you’re looking for a session that is at least a couple weeks away.

Just remember that weekdays are the most flexible since everyone tries to book the weekend.

The third and final steps are booking the appointment and paying the costs.

When you set your date and time, they’re only “tentatively” reserved until payment is made.

Once you have paid for your session, it is officially booked, and that time slot is solely dedicated to you.

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    Let us capture your best moments, whether you are seeking a professional, couples, family, maternity, or boudoir photo shoot. At PMAI, we work with you to bring out your best side and capture those special moments that will last a lifetime.  Book your appointment today!

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