boudoir photography poses

Boudoir Photography Poses

Picture this: you’re about to start your boudoir photography session. You’ve just changed into your brand-new lingerie and are feeling very good about yourself. You walk over to the shooting area and face the camera. Your photographer gives you the nod to get started with your first pose.

What do you do?

For some, posing for a boudoir photoshoot comes naturally. For others, it can be more difficult.

There are poses that accentuate your assets while others leave you feeling lukewarm. It’s a fine line between looking confident and sexy and looking like you’re trying to be confident and sexy.

Before your big photo shoot, take some time and find what poses make you feel your best.

Look Up Some Boudoir Photos

Before you embark on this journey, take a look at some successful boudoir shoots.

Take notice of the lighting, the décor, the frame of the camera, and the model’s pose.

With there being so many different body types in the world, it can be helpful to find a model with a body similar to your own. That way, you can better imagine yourself in their position and know whether it’s a pose that would work for you.

Maybe you’ll get inspired and see a pose you never would’ve thought of before. Get familiar with the style of photography and prepare yourself for your own shoot.


Although it may feel silly in the moment, practicing your boudoir photography poses in front of the mirror can help you figure out the pose that best flatters your body.

Take some of the poses that you saw in your earlier photo search and try them out. See what works and what doesn’t. Get the perfect pout down to a science by making faces at yourself. Experiment!

You won’t know what angle and direction works best for you until you try it out. You can even have someone take pictures of you practicing so you can see what you’ll look like on camera.

Granted, there is a big difference between a phone camera and a professional one, but it’ll give a general idea of what you’ll look like.

Listen to Your Photographer and Take Direction

On the day of your shoot, listen to your photographer. They’ve done these shoots before for different kinds of people. They’ve seen what works and what really doesn’t.

A great photographer will guide you and give you advice on where to take your posing.

The photographer also may suggest you angle your face a certain way to highlight the bone structure of your face. Or they could tell you that a slight turn in your waist could help it appear smaller.

Your photographer knows what they’re doing so trust them to make you look good. And don’t be afraid to suggest something. It’s your shoot, so get creative.

For those of us who aren’t natural-born models, getting in front of the camera and posing can seem like a daunting task. So, don’t go to your photoshoot unprepared.

Take these tips and put them into action. You’ll find the right boudoir poses and feel incredibly good about yourself. Don’t be afraid of the camera. It’s the camera that’s going to capture your best side and make you look amazing.

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