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October 27, 2010

Photography meets its future at the 6Sight Future of Imaging Conference

JACKSON, Mich. – The 6Sight Future of Imaging Conference program focuses on the most important and innovative topics in photography, including augmented reality, 3D imaging, cameras and computational photography, video, advanced output, and smarter camera phones. 6Sight is the imaging technology conference for PMA – The Worldwide Community of Imaging Associations. The event is November 15-17, 2010, at The Sainte Claire hotel in San Jose, Calif.

“We have brought together some of the brightest minds in imaging to present their views of the future,” says Joe Byrd, president and cofounder, 6Sight Conferences. “During the two-plus days of this event, the future will be on everyone’s mind and within their grasp through an exchange of ideas, along with the best executive networking in the imaging industry.”

Among the highlights at the 2010 conference:

Augmented Reality
Imagine going to Paris and looking at the Eiffel Tower on your camera phone screen and seeing additional information about the tower’s history, trivia, and shopping suggestions – all overlaid on the phone display. This is augmented reality (AR), which merges image capture, display, computation, and connectivity to overlay information and graphics on top of our live view of the real world around us. This innovative development promises to impact imaging, entertainment, personal computers, and many other aspects of modern life. 6Sight will start with an opening keynote presentation from professor Blair MacIntyre, director of the Augmented Environments Lab at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He’ll join a panel of leading AR developers who will discuss their latest work and the impact augmented reality will have on imaging and everyday life. Companies providing speakers in this session includeTotal Immersion, YDreams, YOUReality,and metaio.

Computational Photography and Camera Evolution
New technologies continue to advance photographic capture with improved image quality, faster shooting, smaller form factors, and other benefits for professionals, consumers, and enthusiasts. Computational photography uses advanced algorithms and processing to take imaging far beyond the mere replacement of film with digital sensors we’ve seen so far in camera design.Stanford University professor Marc Levoy will deliver a keynote presentation on “Computational Photography and the Stanford Frankencamera” – a fully programmable camera embodying the ideal of open capture devices that can be customized, expanded, and upgraded.InVisage will detail their new Quantum technology. Also in the spotlight for the 6Sight camera cluster are Fujifilm and Tessera.

Smarter Camera Phones
There are already more camera phones than standalone cameras – and now the latest smart phones offer fun and interesting photographic functions plain, old, “dumb” cameras cannot. Will smarter camera phones influence the development of digital cameras because of their appeal of always-on connectivity, open OS, and app sales? 6Sight mobile imaging senior analyst Tony Henning will present an overview of the market and then lead a panel discussion of the latest innovations in phones and photography. Microsoft will demonstrate its new Windows 7 Phone platform; Scalado will show its enhanced mobile imaging. Raviteq will demonstrate its VideoStudio. Other companies in this session include Toshiba and ABBYY.

3D Cameras, Printers, and Big-Screen TVs
Stereoscopic photography and 3D television offer new opportunities for companies in the imaging business, as the technology and its new infrastructures and ecosystems drive overall excitement and investment in pictures. 6Sight consumer imaging analyst Paul Worthington will present an overview of the current market, and the panel of experts, executives, and developers will discuss what is coming next and what is still needed to further 3D. Companies in the spotlight here include CyArk, Fujifilm, Movidius, and Roxio.

Advances in Output
Revenue-generating prospects delivered by new output products and services that will transform photographic digital printing. Memjet will spotlight its new high-speed photo printing system. Companies providing speakers include Portrait Displays Inc., Fujifilm, Memjet, HP, and Eastman Kodak Co.

Digital Video
Video capture and display is everywhere, especially on social-sharing sites. But how is it being used, and who is benefiting? Our panel reports on services and other ways to monetize personal moviemaking.  Pre-View and Nocturnal Vision will demonstrate their new video technologies. Other companies included in the panel discussions are Animoto and Soviet Montage Productions.

Imaging Analysts
A unique highlight of the 6Sight conference is the gathering of the largest number of leading imaging industry analysts in one room, debating the topics presented earlier each day, and presenting their latest research findings. No other imaging conference provides such a significant session with so many prominent photography forecasters – and the opportunity to benefit from one-on-one discussions as afforded only at such an exclusive executive summit. Analyst firms at 6Sight include GfK Group, IDC, InfoTrends, Jon Peddie Research, Lyra Research Inc., NPD Group Inc., and the Soquel Group, providing imaging analysis with contributions from funding experts at Newforth Partners LLC and Maveron.

Photo Printing
The 6Sight conference is preceded the afternoon of Nov. 15 by the newAIE Output Summit – included free with 6Sight registration. This mini-conference focuses on photofinishing, professional imaging, and the picture printing business. It will feature panel discussions with leading print service providers, hardware manufacturers, and industry analysts including Eastman Kodak, Fujifilm, HP, Memjet, Walgreen Co., White House Custom Colour, H&H Color Lab, and RPI.

Each day of the 6Sight conference concludes with a panel of the top imaging analysts providing data to support or challenge the views of the panelists and presenters of the day. Investors will weigh in on the imaging opportunities with a Financial Roundtable panel that will discuss what investments are being made or likely to be made in the near future.

Visit for detailed information about the 6Sight program. 6Sight welcomes comments on its program and its conference in general on its Facebook ( and Twitter ( accounts.

About the 6Sight Future of Imaging Conference
The 6Sight® Future of Imaging Conference is an annual executive gathering focused on the transformative impact of imaging technology and visual communication on every facet of society – businesses, homes, and communities. Technologists, marketers, futurists, artists, industry and financial analysts, educators, high-volume users, and members of the media come together at the conference to preview breakthrough technologies, forecast innovative uses, and spark new ideas and alliances that benefit current and potential customers, participating companies, and the imaging industry as a whole. The program emphasizes interactivity, rich media presentations, and high-level connections among participants. The 6Sight Conferences LLC is a joint venture between Future Image Inc., an independent center of expertise on imaging technology, and the Association of Imaging Executives® (AIE®), a PMA® member association of photo imaging leaders who shape the strategic growth of the global imaging industry. 

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