PMA 09 Green Partnership Initiatives
At PMA 09, everyone is doing their part to do what is naturally good.

PMA and its partners are making conscientious efforts to recycling materials, when possible, and reducing waste at PMA 09. It’s one way to reduce our carbon footprint and promote energy-savings throughout the event.

Eco-friendly efforts include:


  • Recycle badges and holders
  • Use of green, recyclable batteries in all translation receivers
  • Paperless sessions – speaker handouts available online as PDFs
  • Paperless, web-based Exhibitor Information Manual system that eliminates over 500 ring binders with at least a hundred printed pages each, plus shipping of show management and contracted exhibitors.

GES Exposition Services – Official Show Contractor

  • Aisle carpet is 100% recyclable
  • Carpet pad is 100% recyclable
  • Plush and Ultra Plush booth carpet is 100% recyclable
  • Visqueen is 100% recyclable
  • Substrates for signs and booths are 100% recyclable
  • Use water based inks in all ID Sign printers
  • 60% of all exhibitor kits are on CD. On-line order system also reduces the amount of paper used
  • Energy Star approved lighting in all displays

Las Vegas Convention Center Authority

  • Currently averaging a 50% recycle rate on all shows
  • Replacement of chemicals with environmentally friendly products
  • Paper products (towels, napkins, toilet paper)contain recycled materials
  • 90% of LVCVA fleet is powered by propane or battery
  • Materials are recycled during all phases of show activity
  • Power Monitoring System to track electrical usage
  • Water conservation devices in all public restrooms

 Aramark Food Service

  • Use only biodegradable plates
  • Eliminated foam cups
  • Recycle all office paper
  • Donate all leftover food
  • Frying oil is 100% trans-fat free
  • Frying oil converted to bio-diesel
  • Switch to bulk condiments from individual packages
  • Use of green cleaning products
  • Recycle all copier and printer ink cartridges


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