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Sports Photography: How to Capture Action & Emotion


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This book is for professional photographers, sports fans, parents, or anyone who wants to capture better quality sports pictures. It is a guide to the different areas of sports photography. Sports photographer and author Skinner offers personal advice, as well as tips from numerous other experienced photographers.

Walter Iooss, Ben Chen, Bob Gomel, Duane Hart, Mark Johnson, Bruce Kluckhohn, Brian Robb, Steve Trerotola, Diane Kulpinski, and Bob Woodward, all seasoned sports photographers, share examples from a wide variety of sports. ( The sports covered include baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, golf, hockey, motor sports, street and backyard games, and many more.

Technical advice offered includes how to choose and use the right equipment, work with different formats, understand the difference between film and digital capture, shoot under varying lighting conditions and capture action, emotion, mood and aesthetics.

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