May Is National Photo Month

What better reason for doing a fun promotion or series of ads, than National Photo Month. Your PMA Membership offers you a host of exclusive tools to get you started.

Ready made promotions including customizable e-newsletter content and templates that you can customize with your store name and logo are available in:
  • print and web formats
  • numerous sizes
  • multiple ads and styles to choose from
Or, make your own with our royalty-free images.

Photo Tips Video Player
Play videos in your store or on your website to promote photo gifts


Other promotional tools to support National Photo Month include:
  "Print It or Lose It"  campaign posters

Certified Passport Photo Center Program

Other Staff Certification Programs
The CPC™ and SPFE® certification programs provide quality education at an affordable price. Become an expert photo center and you will easily elevate and differentiate your retail services from the competition with highly trained, certified staff who are able to provide knowledgeable customer service.
"The Big Photo Show" consumer event in Los Angeles in May will drive consumer interest nationwide!
Hold PMA Academy photography classes in your store, in recognition of "National Photo Month" - a more educated customer spends more in your store!
Guide to Great Digital Pictures
The more customers understand, the happier they are and more likely to return! Our four-color brochure provides tips on what to consider when purchasing a digital camera, digital camera basics, recommended accessories, help with camera settings, etc.

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