Digital 08 Replay
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Digital Replay 2008

D12 Retail Imaging
Fulfilling Pro Orders Online
D13 What’s Next?
Breakthroughs in Photo Archiving Using Metadata
D14 Spanish Track
Capacitando a Nuestros Empleados en las Nuevas Tecnologías
Color Management - Sponsored by
Meeting Today’s Color Expectations
D16 Retail Imaging
What if There Were No More Prints?
D17 What’s Next?
New Printing Technologies That Are Changing the World
D18 Spanish Track
¿Cómo dar Clases Sobre Cámaras Digitales en su Tienda?
Color Management - Sponsored by
Capture: Setting Up the Studio to Maximize Color Control
Color Management - Sponsored by
The Challenge of Camera RAW
D32 Retail Imaging
The Cameraphone Paradigm
D33 Sales and Marketing - Sponsored by
Optimize Your Web Search Results
D34 Exploration in Alternative Print Products
Thank GOODNESS! New Options in Photo Book Software
D35 What’s Next?
What’s Next in Consumer Digital Photography?
D36 Spanish Track
Estrategias Prácticas Para Lograr que sus Clientes Impriman Imágenes Captadas con sus Teléfonos Celulares
Color Management - Sponsored by
Real World Workflows for Print, Web and Mobile Output
D42 Retail Imaging
I Gotta Have That! New “Must Have” Photo Products
D43 Sales and Marketing
Turbo-Charge Small-Business Marketing With Social Media
D44 Exploration in Alternative Print Products
What Are the Right Questions to Ask When Looking for a Photo Book Printer?
D45 What’s Next?
Alternative Display Technology
D46 Spanish Track
Software Para Photo Books. ¿Cuándo va a ser Suficientemente Sencillo Para el Menos Técnico de sus Clientes?
Color Management - Sponsored by
Foolproof Proofing
D52 Retail Imaging
Workforce 2010: Preparing Today for the Workforce Challenges of Tomorrow
D53 Sales and Marketing
The Long Tail of Photo – Marketing Products You Don’t Make
D54 Exploration in Alternative Print Products
The Hottest New Alternative Photo Products
D55 What’s Next?
What’s Next With Online Services and Applications That Better Connect You to Your Customer?
D56 Spanish Track
Ayudando a sus Clientes a Conservar, Guardar y Respaldar sus Imágenes Digitales
Color Management - Sponsored by
Communicating Color Effectively
D62 Retail Imaging
Moving Pictures – Profit or Hype?
D64 Exploration in Alternative Print Products
Paper Options and Good Color
D65 What’s Next?
The Evolution of Photo Sharing – What’s the Next New Thing?
D66 Spanish Track
Generando más Pedidos (y más ventas) de sus Kioscos Fotográficos


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