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PPFA Master Certified Picture Framer® (MCPF®) Program
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History of the Certification Program
The CERTIFIED PICTURE FRAMER® (CPF®) examination was developed in 1986 in conjunction with Educational Testing Services (ETS) to provide professional recognition to individuals successfully completing the established criteria. In 2000, the Certification Board outlined a plan for advanced certification and over the next two years developed the plan for the MASTER CERTIFIED PICTURE FRAMER program.

How the Examination was developed, ongoing review
The emphasis of the first advanced level in the PPFA Certification Program is preservation framing of various media. The Certification Board worked with a number of conservators and utilized existing published methods of framing to develop a set of criteria on which to base the evaluation of candidates. As with the CPF program, the Certification Board will continue to review the examination criteria on an ongoing basis.

"Taking the MCPF test has been, by far, the most challenging thing I’ve done in my 25 year picture framing career! The standard set by this practicum has fined tuned my skills, has taught me points about preservation framing, and has further set my attitude to offer only the highest standards in picture framing. I feel honored not only to be tested by my industry leaders, but that they found my framing worthy of issuing me the MCPF designation!"

Adela Davis, MCPF

Any picture framer who has a minimum of five years of hands-on experience in retail or wholesale picture framing, has taken and passed the CPF exam, and has taken a Recertification course within the last four years, may apply for the MCPF examination.

Upcoming Exam Dates
September 2011 at PPFA 2011 Las Vegas, Nev.

How to Register
To register, complete the registration form. Include full payment in the form of check, money order, VISA, MasterCard or American Express and send to:

c/o Certification
3000 Picture Place
Jackson, MI 49201-8898

Or fax to (517) 788-8371

Registration includes processing, examination, scoring and document fees. Shipping, transportation, lodging and meals are the responsibility of the candidate. Registrations should be received by published deadlines. If the number of applications received are in excess of the number of available exam slots a random drawing will be held to determine the candidates to be examined. Application fees will be returned to those applicants that are not selected in random drawings. Be sure to complete your application carefully, as the information that you provide will be used to communicate with you. Upon receipt of your application, PPFA will confirm receipt of your application by sending a confirmation letter.

Requests for refunds should be made in writing to PPFA at least 6 weeks prior to the examination date. Requests made within the six-week period will not be refunded. PPFA reserves the right to approve the transfer of fees to another testing date. A non-refundable $40 administrative fee will be accessed for all cancellations.

The Examination
The MCPF Exam consists of two parts. The first part of the exam is the presentation of four framed works for disassembly and examination by the examiner(s). The candidate will submit one each of the following:
• Framed work of art on paper
• Framed work of art on canvas
• Framed textile
• Framed object

These pieces will be disassembled, examined and scored using the established criteria set forth by the Certification board. Each piece must be accompanied by a written description including description of the artwork, handling issues, framing methods and materials used. The second part of the examination is a practical exam.

The candidate will be given 90 minutes in a permanent or temporary frame shop to complete a randomly selected framing project. Each candidate is given time to familiarize themselves with the exam site on the date of their exam. During the practical exam the candidate will:
• Complete a condition report
• Cut and join frame
• Size and cut a double mat
• Size and cut backmat and filler
• Attach artwork
• Size and cut glass
• Fit and finish
• Complete a framing description form including methods and techniques used and the reasons for using them

All operations will be evaluated per the Official Evaluation Form.
Candidates will be provided with an inventory of equipment available in the testing location prior to the exam date.

Continuing Education
Those who pass the MCPF exam will be required to complete the following continuing education:
• Complete or instruct one (1) Recertification Class every four (4) years.
• Complete three (3) approved preservation courses every four (4) years.

Examination Fees
Exam fee is $400 US for members, $565 US for non-members, and must be submitted by check, money order, VISA, MasterCard or American Express at the time of application. No credit will be given for previous exams taken. In the event that more applications are received than examination slots available, candidates will be selected in a random drawing and applicants not accepted will receive a refund of their application fee.

Notification of Exam results
Candidates are notified onsite of their results.

"Once I achieved the MCPF status, the new level of expertise was promoted in our ad publications, on our store website and in our newsletter. As a result of this campaign new clients from the surrounding area found us and traveled with their framing needs to our store to have an MCPF exhibit the superior level of framing expertise and commitment to professionalism. The superior level of framing is enjoyed and promoted by these new clients who continue to travel long distance and they bring their friends to share the experience. It has been a great investment for me and our clients."

Jini Lumsden, MCPF

Scholarships Available
The Vivian C. Kistler, MCPF Scholarship Program was created in 2010 by the PPFA Chapter Relations Committee to honor the accomplishments and memory of Vivian C. Kistler.

The scholarship program provides financial assistance to individuals wishing to take the MPCF examination. Under the program, as many as two individuals will be selected each year to receive a scholarship for a free sitting for the MCPF examination and a stipend of as much as $500 to offset framing and travel expenses. Each scholarship has an estimated value of $900.

Applications for the MCPF Scholarships must be received no later than June 1 to be considered for scholarships awarded during the annual PPFA conference.

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