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Anyone offering image processing services faces a myriad of challenges on a daily basis. Not the least of which is handling the legal questions that sometimes arise. This section contains common reference documents that can assist image processing operations with understanding and answering some of these questions.  

Additional legal questions can be answered by calling the PMA Regulatory Activities at 800-762-9287.

Airport Security
Transportation Security Administration Guidelines
Bagging X-Ray Scanning Effect on Film (from Kodak)

Digital Media Limits of Liability
Digital Media Limit of Liability Notice
Digital Media Limit of Liability Statement and Form

Photography Liability
 Photography Release Form

Privacy Issues
CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 

Industry Relations Problem Reports
These forms assist PMA and PPFA members in factually explaining and gaining resolution to a problem that adversely affects their business operation. While PMA cannot become directly involved in the complaint resolution process, these forms assist members in resolving on-going issues. If you have questions, please contact the PMA Regulatory Activities office.   
- PMA Industry Relations Problem Report 
- PPFA Industry Relations Problem Report


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