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About 6Sight

6Sight is made up of three components all focused on enhancing the future of imaging through bringing the interested parties together at conferences, informing the imaging ecosystem about the advances in imaging technology and business models and establishing online networking communities for leaders to meet and share opportunities.

6Sight Summit Conferences are the preeminent worldwide gatherings of imaging executives, technologists, mass merchants, lab owners, media, analysts, hardware manufacturers, software developers, and investors focused on advancing all segments of the imaging ecosystem through sharing technological breakthroughs and networking with potential partners and clients. 

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Since 2002, the 6Sight Future of Imaging Conferences have focused on the convergence of factors shaping ‘pictures as personal expression’ as one of the best growth opportunities in imaging today — and on the transformative impact of imaging technology and visual communication on every facet of society: businesses, homes, and communities.

These annual imaging technology conferences are frequently the occasion for public introductions of important imaging products and advanced imaging technologies that affect the future of imaging.

Educators, artists and executives from all sectors of the imaging industry gather to gain strategic insights and form alliances that will drive the future of imaging, as well as network with other decision makers, media, analysts and investors looking to accelerate the growth of photo imaging.

The conference previews breakthrough technologies; forecasts innovative uses; and sparks new ideas and alliances benefiting current and potential customers and partners, participating companies, and the imaging industry as a whole

6Sight was founded in 2006 by Alexis Gerard and Joe Byrd, president and vice-president respectively of Future Image, an independent center of expertise on imaging technology. The two had earlier launched and run five Mobile Imaging Summit conferences from 2002–2005 in New York, NY, Monterey, CA, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In 2008, the conference received an investment from PMA, the worldwide Photo Marketing Group, and its member organization AIE, the Association of Imaging Executives. The 6Sight Future of Imaging Summit conference is held in the Summer of each year in California and the 6Sight Mobile Imaging Summit is held in the Fall of each year in Lund/Malmo, Sweden.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many leaders normally attend?
This is an executive event so the attendance is limited to around 200 - 300.

What is the make-up of the attendee audience?
The 6Sight Future of Imaging Summit is focused on bring together senior imaging execs, OEMs, component manufacturers, software developers, pro lab owners, media, analysts, mass merchant buyers and investors. The 6Sight Mobile Imaging Summit in Lund/Malmo Sweden, is focused primarily on bringing together senior imaging execs, OEMs, component manufacturers, software developers, media, analysts, and investors are the primary attendees.


What is the level of participant at the Conference?
It depends upon the size of the company. Large companies send directors and VPs, while smaller companies send CTO and presidents.

What makes 6Sight Conferences different?
6Sight has earned a reputation as THE meeting place for imaging executives with networking opportunities at every turn. Without exception, every year major business deals have resulted from companies making business connections at 6Sight conferences.

6Sight Future of Imaging Summit | June 20-22, 2011 | The Sainte Claire, San Jose, California

6Sight Mobile Imaging Summit | November 15-17, 2011 | Hilton Malmö City, Malmö, Sweden


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The 6Sight Community extends the reach of the conferences to unite imaging leaders before, during and after conference events to enable attendees to strike deals, partner in new ventures and secure customers.

6Sight Online Community
Discover who is attending and network with other conference attendees and speakers before, during and after events.

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