Rob Tolmie
General Manager,
Photo Create 

Robert Tolmie is a 45 year veteran of the Photographic industry in the retail, mail order and wholesale production.

From his initial store, he built his operation to a chain of 14 retail outlets which specialised in photographic hardware and printing. In 1978 he founded National Photos, which under his guidance became Australia’s largest mail order photographic processor.

In 1984 he sold the entire operation to the Eastmon Kodak Company and was retained as Managing Director of National Photos.

In 1992 Rob Tolmie was the recipient of the Australian Direct Marketer of the Year Award.

In 2000 Rob left Kodak and founded Extrafilm Australia. This was aimed at the then emerging online digital print market.

Rob has been a member of PMAI (Photographic Marketing Association International) since 1974 and in 2001 was appointed “Trustee at Large” to the International Board of PMAI for 3 years.

In 2004 Rob was inducted into the Australian Direct Marketing “Hall of Fame”.

Rob has been a serving Board Member for the Australian Direct Marketing Association since 1992 and has held positions as Chairman, Vice President and Treasurer.

Rob is currently a member of the Australia Post, Postal Services Advisory Council and has served in this position since 2002.

As well as the above, Rob Tolmie’s consultancy company has provided services to:

  • The Eastman Kodak Company USA 
  • Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd 
  • Kodak - New Zealand Limited 
  • Fotopost - New Zealand 
  • Hewlett Packard - Australia 
  • Foto Knudsen - Norway 
  • Klick Photopoint - UK 
  • The Eastmon Group of Companies - Australia

In October 2006 Rob, on behalf of the Eastmon Group of Companies launched Photo Create, a photo book and gift fulfilment business to service the retail and on-line markets in Australia and New Zealand. Rob is the Managing Director of Photo Create.

In July 2008 he formed a joint venture in New Zealand with the Eastmon Group and Kroma Colour New Zealand Limited to establish a print, photo book and gift fulfilment company to service the New Zealand market. Rob is a Board Director of that company.