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InnovationNow, PMA’s new photography business and technology summit, coming in September

PMA is proud to present InnovationNow, which will be held on September 27 & 28 in San Francisco. The first of a new generation of business and technology summits for the photo industry, InnovationNow is designed to facilitate information sharing and networking opportunities for those who are leading and participating in the transformation of the photo industry. This conference is a must for today’s photo industry leaders…and for those who will undoubtedly become the leaders of tomorrow. Read More!


We Need InnovationNow!

Being prepared to take advantage of the opportunities presented in digital photography hinges upon your ability to ensure that your business’s product and service strategy is robust and relevant; that you have the tools and processes in place to continue to make progress and that your organization has the culture, knowledge and people for continued growth and value generation. Read More!