Traits of Pisces

Traits of Pisces

The last sign, Pisces, the two dancing fish, is the most deep and sensitive sign of them all. Ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune, Pisceans are creative and adaptable, but not very organized. Traditionally, Pisces is considered to be at the highest spiritual plane.

Pisces is the ultimate artist of the Zodiac. There are more Piscean poets than any other sign, and their empathy for others is legendary. No other sign is better able to understand another’s pain like Pisces. At the same time, Pisces is the most free-spirited of all the Signs, too.

The empathy of a Pisces makes them not only artists, but also perfectly suits them for nursing and medical careers.

All of the Water signs—Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces—are sensitive. But the other two have one thing that Pisceans lack, and that’s the hard outer shell. Pisces do not have the natural defenses around their sensitivity, and when insulted or hurt, will often “swim away” and hide. Pisces is very good at withdrawing from the world or turning invisible.

There is a bright side to that invisibility talent, though. It manifests as an almost chameleon-like ability to fit in. Pisces will happily join into their mate’s hobby—not because they’re interested in the hobby itself, but because learning it allows them to understand their mate better.

Many Pisceans are fascinated with movies and photography. There’s a natural affinity there, because film—like Pisces—is very sensitive and picks up everything it sees.

The Piscean’s sense of style is practically none at all. Pisces is far more concerned with spiritual enlightenment than on the annoying little detail of whether or not their socks match. Personal style is trivial and meaningless in a monastery. Far more important than style is the emotion attached to things; the furniture may not match, but the battered rocking chair that Aunt Edna told her stories from, that’s important, it stays put.

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