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Photography Basics: Everything You Need to Know

As our photographers here at PMAI know, photography is all about the balancing act of light.

To help the camera see what YOU see, you must utilize the camera’s tools for controlling the precise amount of light that reaches the camera’s sensor.

These are the shutter speed and aperture controls.

With too little light or too much light, your final photo will be too light or too dark. In both cases, some of the important details that you are trying to focus on will be lost.

The shutter speed and aperture settings will help you achieve the best exposure for your picture.

With our wide range of photo shoot options, we know how to balance these settings no matter the photo setting!

Whether you prefer inside or out, we can help with a professional headshot in NYC, capturing the best couple’s photo, corralling all of the family members together for this year’s photo, or even maternity shoots.

Shutter Speed, Aperture, and Exposure: The Basics

Before we start, we want you to imagine looking through a small hole in a fence.

This is akin to the lens on the camera.

What you can see through the fence peephole will depend on two main factors:

  1. The size of the hole (or the size of your camera’s lens) and how long you have to look through your peephole, or lens.
  2. The third basic element of great photography is how these first two elements work together, which works with the sensor’s light sensitivity measurement, and result in the exposure measurement.

When we shoot photo sessions, the sensor of the camera is what we look through to see our subjects.

The size of this deals with the aperture setting.

With a larger lens, more light is able to get to the sensor, and this is where shutter speed also comes in.

While this isn’t necessarily the reason photography studios have cameras with such big lenses, as we can utilize advanced compact ones on the go, it is preferable to use to produce some beautiful crystal-clear photos. 

The Light Balance

When shooting, the goal is to expose just the right amount of light to the camera’s sensor to produce a well-lit photo that captures all of the details.

Perhaps it’s the sparkle of an engagement ring during a couple’s shoot, a baby’s deep blue eyes, or the patterns and colors in everyone’s matching family shirts in a wedding image.

The details of photos matter, and PMAI works hard to make your photos reflect the happy times we capture.

Book Your Session Today!

While we can talk photography elements all day, putting them into action is where the magic really happens.

When you book a PMAI photographer, you’re guaranteed to benefit from our extensive knowledge of photography and our expertise in the industry; to receive beautiful and memorable photos you’ll be able to treasure forever.

We are here to help you capture the important, fun, silly and life-altering moments that you want immortalized in print. Call us today!

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