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Schedule a Unique Couple Photoshoot to Capture Your Love

When you’re with the right person, you want to capture every moment you have with them.

While nothing can replace the goofy selfies and photos you take of each other, having professional photos taken during a couple photoshoot can really capture the love you have.

Choosing us to take photos of you and your significant other means that you’ll get a professional photographer that will encourage you to be your authentic selves. No posing with stiff bodies or forced smiles.

At PMAI, we love capturing special moments between couples.

A couple photoshoot is more than a unique date idea— it’s a way to capture memories for decades to come.

Our photographers are experts at helping couples relax into showing their most authentic selves at a photoshoot.

We don’t believe in cheesy smiles and stiff bodies— we’ll work with you to relax into a comfortable, beautifully photographic state of being.

Our photography is innovative and unique.

We work with you to figure out the best ways to reveal your natural self.

We pride ourselves on images that are as unique as your love and can express who you really are.

A couple photoshoot can help you to remember each stage in your life perfectly.

Engagement Photo Shoots

We want to help you capture the love between you and your fiancé forever.

Engagement photo shoots can help you and your loved one connect with beautiful portraits showcasing your love.

Why get an Engagement Couple Photoshoot?

  1. It’s a Good Way to Get to Know the Photographer. If we’re lucky enough to be doing your wedding photography, it’s important for you to get to know your photographer and become comfortable with them. It’ll help us work with you to figure out your best angles and for you to understand how to be “photogenic” just in time for your big day.
  2. Save the Date Images. Engagement photos are great to use for your save the date cards or invitations. Don’t get stuck using an awkward, years-old image— a classic, beautiful image from our crew can make your cards even more gorgeous.
  3. Enjoy the Experience. For many couples, their engagement photos are the only times they’ll ever be taking individual pictures with their spouses. How many other opportunities will you get to have a professional photographer capturing the love between you and your significant other?
  4. You’ll Know What to Do at Your Wedding. Many couples get nervous about the cameras during their wedding, creating awkward images that won’t showcase your true selves. With a couple photoshoot, you can get practice for this moment.
  5. Physical Pictures in a Digital World. You never know what might happen to all the pictures stored up on your smartphone. One rainy day can lead to thousands of lost memories. A beautiful, professional photo session can ensure you’ll always have pictures to display and reminisce on for years. You can also check out our NYC headshots.
  6. Remember this Historical Moment of your Life. Many people don’t take engagement photos to look at and forget about. The value of engagement photos appreciates over time. By having this photoshoot, you give your older selves, your children, and your grandchildren a chance to look back at the moment you and your spouse fell and love. These memories are preserved for years to come.

Schedule a Couple Photoshoot Today

Contact our team to ask about scheduling a couple photoshoot.

Our team will help you coordinate what to wear and what to expect, in addition to giving you pricing estimates and scheduling the perfect date with your loved one!

Immortalize this perfect moment of your life with a beautiful couple photoshoot. Call our team today!

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