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Certified Photographic Consultant

This comprehensive training program ensures sales associates are competent to handle practical situations - like analyzing photographs, processing and equipment use. The associate will be able to recommend products and techniques to improve future results.  

PMA awards the Certified Photographic Consultant (CPC) designation to individuals who successfully meet rigorous testing on photo and digital imaging technologies.  The CPC is the highest professional recognition in the photo/digital imaging industry.

What are the benefits of a certification program?

  • Differentiate your business from the rest on the basis of service
  • Increase the competency of your staff
  • Low-cost, high-return certification program
  • Developing and rewarding knowledgeable employees produces greater profits for your photo store

CPC Pop Quiz

What is the name of a digital image that is made up of pixels arranged on a grid?

A. Bit map
B. Raster array
C. Raster graphics
D. Linear array

Answer:  A.   A "bit map" is a method of describing an array (or map of bits) within a rectangular grid of pixels or dots.

Promotional Materials for CPC's
The CPC counter sign and business card downloads are available exclusively for CPC’s.   

"We strongly encourage all our new hires to complete the CPC program in their first 90 days, and have second thoughts about anyone who can't do that.

Once they get their certificate we immediately print new business cards for them with the coveted initials after their name, and we use that status in our ads.

CPC training gives them a quick boost in knowledge and helps build their confidence.

Not everyone in the industry is an old fogey like me, but CPC training helps fill in the gaps"

- Chris Lydle
Chris' Camera

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