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Many people get headshots for a wide variety of reasons.

Headshots are an important part of building a strong personal brand for your profession.

They are also great strategies for dating websites or can be useful to commemorate an important moment.

Whatever your reasoning, capturing headshots with PMAI is a fun experience. Our talented photographers will help you realize that anyone can be photogenic.

We’ll work with you to figure out your best headshot strategy and find ways to express your personality through these photos.

Some of our customers don’t see the value of headshots for business at first.

While headshots were not necessary for workers in the past, the new digital age of online networking has created a new standard of professionalism.

Here are some good reasons to get headshots done:

  • Professional internet profiles. Websites like LinkedIn are becoming one of the best sources for networking and getting jobs. Conveying a professional profile picture rather than a cropped smartphone photo can show employers that you take your personal brand seriously. It creates a good first impression and can build your professional brand.
  • You can tell the difference. Professional headshots in a controlled setting in Chicago will always look better than casual or unprofessional pictures. Our trained photographers have specialized equipment to get the best images and the training to match, creating a full experience that couldn’t be matched by an amateur. Professional headshots have become a new standard for professional branding. All your competitors are doing it— you can either get on the bus or get run over.
  • Dating profiles. Putting your best self forward is the best approach for dating. Professional headshots can prove to your dating profile matches that you’re dedicated to finding love. Headshots are also designed to focus on your best angles and flatter your greatest features, giving your matches a great first impression.
  • Immortalizing an important time in your life. If you’ve just taken a big step in your life (such as graduation), getting headshots can help immortalize your new chapter. They offer memories you can look back on for years to come. It’s also material your children or grandchildren can look back to for generations.
  • If you’re an aspiring actor or model, you know just how important compiling the best possible portfolio can be. By getting professional headshots done, it proves to your potential bosses that you’re serious about your work. Headshots can be tailored to express your personality— be that serious, silly, or anywhere in between.
  • Celebrate yourself! Many people find they enjoy the process of getting photos taken. What may seem awkward and uncomfortable at first can quickly turn into a massive confidence boost. We believe in always celebrating each step of life. Signing up for a photoshoot can be a great way to take time for yourself and celebrate small and large victories alike.

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