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3 Best Cameras for Video

 It used to be that when someone wanted to shoot a video, they would pull out a little camcorder or cellphone and, if they were lucky, capture a grainy image with passable sound.

Luckily, that’s a thing of the past!

While today’s smartphone cameras are good enough to replace camcorders for the casual user, many serious videographers are turning to newer DSLR cameras for high quality video and sound without the bulk, hassle, and expense of larger production equipment.

New DSLRs can usually accept external microphone attachments, take great still shots, and have high quality video captures, even in low lighting.

So, if you’re shopping for the best DSLRs for video, check out our top picks from the ones listed below:

For Casual Users: The Canon 80D

 The Canon 80D is one of the most budget-friendly DSLRs on the market, making it popular among beginner videographers and video bloggers.

It is perfect for people looking for quality sound and image recording who don’t want to shell out big bucks for fancier features like 4k recording or a full frame sensor.

The 80D features a fantastic 45-point autofocus system, a crop sensor, and records in 1080p at 60 FPS. It also takes great still shots and can be fitted with a wide array of lenses.

The body sells for $1,200.00 – which is on the lower side for a good DSLR.

For Intermediate Users: The Canon 5D Mark III

The 5D Mark III is one of Canon’s best sellers: not only does it take fantastic pictures, but it is the best camera for video.

It works exceptionally well in low lighting – so well, in fact, that it is used extensively for recording in the film and television industries.

The Canon 5D Mark III may lack some popular features commonly found in newer models like 4K recording and a flip-out viewing screen, but its 41-point cross-type autofocus and image quality remain unrivaled.

It typically retails for around $2,500.00, so it would best suit experienced photographers who know how to get the most out of it.

For Experts: The Nikon D810 

The D810 from Nikon is the best DSLR for video – it is truly a top-of-the-line camera.

It actually first came on the market in 2014, but it has yet to be bested, even by the Canon 5D Mark III.

Like the Mark III, the D810 also performs well in low lighting, but in the hands of an expert the D810 can produce superior image quality.

The Nikon D810 shoots 1080p videos at an unbeatable 60 FPS has a full frame 36 MP sensor. Its autofocus again bests the Canon 5D Mark III with 15 cross-type and 51 total points.

The body can be bought new for $2,800.00 and is a must have edition to any expert videographer’s toolbox.

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