3 of Our Favorite Digital Cameras of 2018

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, choosing the right camera is imperative to every photographer. However, with all of the competing brands and marketing, it can be hard to choose the best digital camera at the right price.

At PMAI Photography, we understand that it isn’t always applicable to invest the kind of money the top of the line equipment costs, rest easy.

We’ve taken that into account and provided the best options of a variety of price points! If you’re in the market for a new camera for any reason and at any budget, check out our top picks.

Nikon D850

At about $3,300 on Amazon US at time of writing, the D850 lands squarely in the “professional” category, but with the 45.7 megapixels and the ability to shoot 4k video, the Nikon D850 easily qualifies as the best digital camera of 2018.

The incredible resolution is great for still photos, while the ability to shoot 4k video opens up the option for high quality video for your customers or hobbyist needs.

Completely weatherproofed, the D850 holds up to rain and wind like a champion, allowing you to shoot in even the toughest conditions.

Purists will love the optical viewfinder, and the tilting 3.2-inch touch screen allows you to see in detail the shots you’ve just taken.

For those who shoot weddings and other private events, you’ll love the silent 7 fps burst-shooting mode (upgrade-able to 9 fps with an optional battery upgrade)!

Fuji X-T20

At $899 at time of writing, Fuji’s X-T20 is a much more affordable option for enthusiasts, but packs enough power and features to suit many professionals as well.

24.3 megapixels is plenty for most applications, and the ability to shoot 4k video is a surprising but welcome feature in this gem’s arsenal.

Burst shooting can be done at a satisfying 8 fps, and the OLED viewfinder and 3-inch tilting touch screen display both allow for fantastic monitoring of your work in progress.

A nice touch is the analogue style metal dials used for control, and the lens kit that comes packed in with the X-T20 is unusually capable at this price point, making it easily the best digital camera for the enthusiast or professional on a budget.

Sony Alpha 6000

An older model that has since been succeeded three times, the Alpha 6000 holds its own in the hobbyist category with its fantastic shooting speed of 11 FPS and solid 24.3 megapixels.

While it can only shoot 1080p video, for those who don’t need video often or who aren’t producing professional video it is more than sufficient.

What really makes this camera great, though, is the price – at time of writing, the Sony Alpha 6000 can be had for only $350 on Amazon, making it exceptionally available to those looking to get into photography as a hobby, or even a career, without the budget of a professional studio.

If you’re in the market for an affordable, yet capable, digital camera for whatever reason (even as a backup for a professional!), look no further!

Above all, if you are in need of photography services but don’t want to buy the camera, give us a call!

Booking a PMAI Photographer is easy and simple, and we will guarantee beautiful photos whether we use our in-studio equipment or we utilize one of the compact cameras listed above when we’re out and about.

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