About PSPA Accreditation

The PSPA™ Accreditation program is important to school administrators or parent teacher groups because it offers you an added level of due diligence to your search for capable and professional school portrait companies. Because PSPA membership is required for a school photography company to become accredited, you know that the companies participating in this program are working hard to make sure that school students and parents are served in the best possible way.

Our accredited members are not all about business; they work to bring out the smiles every parent loves and are committed to making memories that will last a lifetime.

The PSPA Accreditation logo is your indication that the photographer has committed to:

Provide full disclosure, as well as discuss terms and conditions of contract when asked.
Our members promise to deal with you and the public with integrity. They promise to disclose to you all aspects of sales, commissions, and service items so you can ask and be assured of a full disclosure of any aspects of your portrait agreement with them.

Respect and follow information privacy policies.
The PSPA accredited member promises to abide by your privacy policies with regard to student data and images. Protecting this important information is a priority for them.

Adhere to the industry code of ethics.
Each member of PSPA has agreed to abide by our industry's code of ethics. You will immediately see that our members are committed to serving their customers and communities with the highest standards in mind.

Follow photo industry copyright guidelines.
Our members have developed copyright guidelines and promise to adhere to them to protect the copyrights of other members.

Maintain PSPA membership.
Because the PSPA accredited member must be a member in good standing of the Professional School Photographers Association International™ (PSPA), you can be assured that they are constantly improving their skills and passing along this training to their photographers.

Perform background checks.
There is a lot of talk these days about protecting our children and community schools. With this in mind, our accredited members have committed to doing background checks on all of their employees that are working with children or entering your building for any reason.

Follow the PSPA Digital Data and Image Format Guidelines.
PSPA works closely with many yearbook publishing companies and has established a standard format for yearbook portrait images. This standard is updated each year with input from our members and the yearbook publishing industry. If our accredited members are providing you with a yearbook CD, they are committed to producing it according to the most current format compatible with your yearbook publisher's software. Of course, if digital images are not needed, our accredited member can also provide you with a print version of your student portraits if that is needed.

Be licensed and insured at all times.
Each PSPA accredited member promises to be properly licensed; to register with all federal, state, and local government authorities; and to be fully insured.

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