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Flowers and bouquets

Drying and preserving flowers and plant material was a popular pastime during the Victorian era, and it is becoming so again.

Do you have a beautiful bridal bouquet, prom corsage or funeral spray that you’d like to have framed – along with other mementos – to capture treasured memories?

Some plant materials are naturally dry, and little effort is needed to preserve them. Most plants, however, will not last without help. Your custom framer can suggest some methods for preserving and framing those floral treasures and can also suggest designs for creating a unique and beautiful framed creation.

For the best results, try to get your flowers to the framer at their peak and freshly picked.

Here are seven main methods your custom framer may choose from. Some methods are fast and others take a few days or even weeks to effectively preserve the floral materials.

  • Air-Drying – The simplest method for preserving flowers.
  • Freeze-Drying – Maintains the true-to-life coloring of fresh flowers and plant material. Freeze-drying requires special equipment your custom framer may not have.
  • Sand-Drying – A simple method for drying flowers.
  • Borax – Involves borax detergent mixed with cornmeal or sand.
  • Silica Gel – An excellent product for drying flowers.
  • Microwave-Drying – Works best for flowers that are not fully opened.
  • Glycerin Preservation – Works well for some flowers and keeps them soft, pliable and less prone to shedding.

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