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Dazzling diplomas!


College degrees represent thousands of dollars and years of hard work – celebrate with a beautiful setting for that hard-earned

Don’t leave a school diploma or certificate in a cardboard roll or in a drawer. Diplomas signify an outstanding achievement and one of life’s great milestones, and deserve to be beautifully framed and showcased – a wonderful gift for any grad!

For a truly customized gift, add a graduation tassel or announcement, photographs, lithographs of campus icons, school seals, and more in a frame or shadow box, perhaps with a frame finish or mat colors to complement the school colors.

Your custom framer will help you select a design that is professional and pleasing and that will nicely accent an office or home décor.

Whether your diploma is on parchment or paper, your custom framer will know how to best preserve and present it.

Preservation-quality cotton or alpha-cellulose mat is essential to keep the diploma in top condition for many years. Reversible mounting techniques will allow for the removal of the diploma, if required. Ultraviolet filtering glazing will help to protect the diploma from the harmful effects of UV rays.

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