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Framing a sports jersey

Sports Jersey

Sports fans love to frame memorabilia! Whether it’s your child’s sports jersey, your old college favorite, or an NFL souvenir, you’ll want the very best framing and display!

Gravity will pull down on the material of a jersey framed in a vertical position, which can be damaging over time. It is better for the jersey if it is displayed using an inclined support, because the force of gravity is not as harmful on an incline as it is on a vertical support. The greater the angle of incline, the less the potential for damage! However, this type of package is better suited for display on a table or stand than on the wall.

Is the fabric made from natural or man-made fibers? Man-made fabrics like polyester hold up better over time than fabrics made from natural fibers.

If you have a valuable jersey, it’s important to take it to a professional picture framer who will play an important role in its preservation through the use of proper protective materials.

One mounting method, a professional framer may suggest, is to cut a lightweight good quality board to fit inside the jersey for support. A professional will then stitch the jersey to the support with a lightweight thread that is not stronger than the fibers of the garment.

Another option would be to use stainless steel pins instead of thread. The jersey and form would then be secured to a preservation quality backing, preferably one that is uncolored.

A professional framer will recommend using UV (ultraviolet) glazing, spaced away from the garment, to help slow down degradation caused by light.

Relatively few textile garments have survived over the centuries because of the difficulties of successfully storing them for long periods.

Long-term display of garments and preservation requirements do not necessarily go hand-in-hand, but if you want a valuable jersey framed for display, seek out a professional picture framer.

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