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Long Term Photo Care-CD




Do you have customers who own a digital camera and don't know what to do once the moments are captured? If so, introduce them to Long Term Photo Care and build customer loyalty by educating them on how to better manage, protect and preserve their digital pictures.

The Long Term Photo Care program is an educational and marketing program designed to give retailers the tools they need to provide products, services and education to customers actively using digital cameras. The program consists of seven individual training modules and covers technical, training and marketing issues. The modules are then condensed into an easy-to-follow PowerPoint Training presentation.

The LTPC program also supports retailers by providing ready-to-use full color brochures and an LTPC web page. Some of the topics covered in the LTPC program include:

o Building awareness and education related to Long Term Photo Care
o Creating LTPC campaigns designed around consumers' existing behavior while providing tools and solutions so they don't feel they are in this alone
o How to organize, catalog and file digital photographs for easier retrieval
o The benefits and risks of various digital photo storage methods
o The benefits of printed photographs for back-up purposes and how to choose archival quality printed materials
o Creating a long term plan to help protect against hardware obsolescence
o How to market and promote LTPC products and services

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