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Adobe Photoshop CS4 up to Speed

By Ben Willmore

Long established as a must-have guide for Photoshop users upgrading to the newest version, Up to Speed goes right to t...
Adobe InDesign CS4 One-on-One

By Deke McClelland and David Futato

With "Adobe InDesign CS4 One-on-One">, you'll quickly learn how to design professional layouts f...
Mastering Digital Printing

By Harald Johnson
An in-depth reference to the new world of digital printing for photography and fine art. Includes: thorough introduction...
Portrait & Candid Photography

By Erin Manning

The secret to taking great "people pictures" is to observe your subjects, connect with them, and use your camera to i...
The Creative Digital Darkroom

By Katrin Eismann and Sean Duggan

Author Katrin Eismann, an internationally acclaimed artist, bestselling author, and gifted educator,...
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