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Add Framing to Your Photo Business

By Vivian Kistler, CPF, GCF
Benefit from the customer you already have and offer them a service they will surely need. Photography and pic...
An Introduction to Water Gilding

A Guide for Gilding Picture Frames from Gesso to Patina

By Marty Horowitz and Lou Tilmont

Full of step-by-step instruc...
Art & Picture Framing Glossary of Standard Terms

This paperback glossary replaces the PPFA dictionary. It has more than 1,300 terms, 470 new entries, and many updated definitions.
Art & Wall Decor Purchasing Survey

Based on telephone surveys of U.S. consumer households conducted in spring 2003, the 46-page report profiles the art-buying market to understand their...
Artists Color Wheel

A useful tool for selecting complementary color schemes for matting designs and other colorful elements in the framing package.
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