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Stephen Johnson on Digital Photography

This is a holistic work (and method for teaching) that embraces the state of photographic tools and techniques, blended with suggestions and experienc...
DIMA Digital Printer Shoot-Out Target File

The 2010 "DIMA Digital Printer Shoot-Out Target File" was created by X-Rite Inc., in conjunction with DIMA®. Five different versions have been produce...
Mastering Digital Printing

By Harald Johnson
An in-depth reference to the new world of digital printing for photography and fine art. Includes: thorough introduction...
Advanced Digital Photography

By Tom Ang

Not only have sales of digital cameras overtaken film cameras, but now even amateur photographers can capture images that, ...
Apple Aperture 1.5

By Mike Cuenca

With "Apple Aperture 1.5: Photographers' Guide," you won't miss a single feature! You'll learn how to utilize each tool...
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