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Push the boundaries of possibility and discover new ways of integrating digital imaging technologies for improved business practices at the DIMA Annual Conference, the "trail-blazing" event at PMA 08. Leading photo retailers, professional photographers, and commercial imagers call DIMA 2008 a "must-attend" event for non-stop learning and idea sharing.
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Here are just a few highlights from this year's event:

PMA 08 Video Library
See some of the sessions captured at DIMA 2008 and PMA 08.

DIMA 2008 Digital Replay
– Download MP3s of this year's DIMA Annual Conference sessions.

DIMA Winners for 2008
See who won the DIMA Innovative Product Awards and the DIMA Shoot-Outs.

President's Welcome

Welcome to DIMA 2008 – the place for innovators in the imaging industry to sharpen their swords. This year's conference promises to expose you to the latest imaging technologies and how business leaders are using them to transform their business models to meet the growing needs of this new digital world.

I’m proud to have taken part in the planning of the 12th annual DIMA Conference, as this year’s event will prove to be ... continue

Brian Ainsworth, 2007 DIMA President
Brian Ainsworth,
Photos Ar’ Nice, Inc.
2007 DIMA President

Conference Education

DIMA 2008 features two days of learning in 40 sessions that explore retail imaging strategies, color management, RAW workflow, metadata, photo books, social media marketing, alternative print products, and so much more.  

A complete event program and session/topic search are available. Pre-registration is recommended as sessions fill up quickly.

Event Highlights

Keynotes: Ze Frank and Joe Pine
Picture more insights with engaging DIMA 2008 Keynotes Addresses from Ze Frank and Joe Pine.

In the DIMA Opening Keynote, Ze Frank discusses the next generation use of images. DIMA 2008 closes with Joe Pine, co-author of "Authenticity: What Consumers Really Want," who shares his thoughts on how companies must better manage consumer perception of its genuineness. 

Ze Frank

B. Joseph Pine II

Color Management Sessions - Sponsored by IDEAlliance
DIMA and IDEAlliance bring you top-notch color management tutorials ands sessions, designed to help you with one of digital imaging's greatest challenges. Learn how to improve color controls and profiles, use metadata, manage RAW workflows, develop foolproof proofing for photographers, and more.  

Optimize Your Web Search Results - Sponsored by
Wednesday, January 30  
■   9:00 a.m. - 10:10 a.m.
Today's generation is no longer letting their fingers do the walking, unless we're talking about keystrokes. Go home with three things you can do tomorrow to make your business jump to the top of your customer's searches.

Digital Printer Shoot-Out
With a wide range of output, the DIMA Digital Printer Shoot-Out is where digital printers, ink, media and RIPs compete using a challenging target file. Expert judges evaluate for neutral gray balance reproduction, saturation, shadow detail and quality, overall tonality, hue shift, and more. See which printers stand out and find the one that best fits your operation as the results are displayed at PMA 08.

Photo Book Showcase New This Year!
Compare various aspects of photo book production including user interface, templates and binding options, and overall quality. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see it all in one place on the PMA 08 trade show floor.

Photo Kiosk Shoot-Out
See the best photo kiosks line up to compete for international acclaim. Self-service technology experts and consumers evaluate ease of use, features and functions in several categories (digital order station, instant print kiosk, software only and multi-function photo kiosk). Attendees can judge for themselves when they touch, feel and make prints at PMA 08.

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