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PMA Member Associations

In recognizing the diversity of the memories market, PMA has several associations that specialize in a variety of business needs. When you join PMA, you may experience the benefit of other PMA member associations as part of your PMA membership.

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You can expand your membership benefits and add PMA member associations at no additional charge.

PMA member associations include: 
A strong fellowship of imaging professionals, the Association of Imaging Executives (AIE) encourages entrepreneurial photo imaging executives to lead with visionary ideas and the renewed energy necessary to sustain and grow the industry. With a focus on peer-to-peer learning, leadership training, and networking, AIE helps its members meet business issues head-on with practical and immediately actionable learning.
Exploring technologies that transform capture, manipulation, sharing, and preservation of images, the Digital Imaging Marketing Association (DIMA) empowers photo retailers, professional and commercial imagers, and photographers worldwide to push the boundaries of possibility. Through education, industry research, and networking forums, DIMA members envision and experience successful methods of technology integration yielding improved business practices.
National Association of Photo Equipment Technicians (NAPET)
Through detailed skillfulness, the members of the National Association of Photo Equipment Technicians (NAPET) restore treasured photographic equipment for consumers and businesses alike. NAPET, a PMA member association, bridges together independent camera repair businesses and photo manufacturers, and guides repair technicians in operating their businesses more effectively, efficiently, and profitably.
Photo Imaging Education Association (PIEA)
Uniting those who see the extraordinary in the ordinary, the Photo Imaging Education Association (PIEA) inspires its members to become better teachers at every level of education. PIEA is an international network of educators and students creating resources, solving problems, sharing ideas, and building stronger relationships with the photo industry.
Professional Picture Framers Association  (PPFA)
Serving the art and framing community worldwide, the Professional Picture Framers Association (PPFA) leads its members to discover new business opportunities and enhance custom framing skills. PPFA continues a 37-year history of building a network of knowledge and support, establishing best practices, and providing services essential for entrepreneurial success.
   Professional School Photographers Association (PSPA)
Steeped in the richness of tradition, the Professional School Photographers Association International (PSPA) advances the business of school photography. Through education, research, and events, PSPA honors generations of professional photographers and labs who established the time-honored value of capturing memories, elevating professional standards, and discovering new business strategies.
   Sports Photographers Association of America (SPAA)
Dedicated to professionals focused on capturing the timeless moments of sports participation, the Sports Photographers Association of America (SPAA) partners with photographers to enhance their business and creative skills. SPAA is committed to educating and providing professional standards for photographers, further driving their success and credibility through education, research, business services, networking, and events.

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