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How-to channel of videos on PMA TV provides quick info for photo poses, lighting, running your business and more.

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Part One: 14 Holiday Marketing Ideas: easy, effective, inexpensive ... and you still have time!
Sponsored by  Fujifilm Business Builders

Whether you're new to Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, or email marketing, this free webinar contains actionable information you can use to build business this holiday season.
Speaker: Robert Cavilla, UpWord Search Marketing

Our second speaker, Kim Carpenter, a marketing consultant with the Fujifilm Business Builders program, will suggest 10 profitable ways to use email this holiday season. 

Part Two: Holiday Shopping Trends and Opportunities - 2010 Webinar
Sponsored by Fujifilm Business Builders
Download the audio and PowerPoint 

  Dr. Glenn Omura, Glenn(2)S. Omura, Associate Professor of Marketing at Michigan State University, will share a sleigh-load of ideas to get you started this holiday season:
  • Forecasts on holiday retail sales
  • Consumer buying trends
  • Retail price promotion trends
  • Big box promotional trends
  • Opportunities created by the above
  Free!    If you missed the webinars, sign up to access the archive here
  Lights, Camera, Profits! Webinar ARCHIVE

Jimmy LambDigital camera technology has made it possible to capture and broadcast every aspect of our lives. Literally within seconds, important moments and breaking news can be captured, uploaded and distributed to the world. But this obsession with cataloging life’s special moments isn’t limited to My Space and Facebook! There are many ways to capitalize on the public’s desire to make a statement and share their lives through digital printing and sublimation. This class will cover ten creative ways to turn pictures into products into profits and will include live demonstrations of the several key production processes.      

  Speaker: Jimmy Lamb, Sawgrass Technologies 
  Purchase here.  Members $19.00.  Non-members $29.00.

How to Create a Year Long Marketing Roadmap Webinar ARCHIVE


Ken JacobsUtilizing techniques developed over decades of traditional advertising campaigns and most recently in the rapidly evolving interactive arena, Ken presents a new way to make sense out of all the options facing marketers today. This presentation will talk about the new marketing roadmap:

  • What it is - and how it’s evolved  
  • What it does - and where it can take you  
  • How to create it - and how to live with it  

Speaker: Ken Jacobs, Turn Communications 

  Free for PMA+ members (contact with login questions) Purchase here. Members $10.00. Non-members $19.00.
How to Sell What You Want to Sell Webinar ARCHIVE
  There are a variety of different ways you can "drive" sales the direction you want them to go. This includes choosing the right product mix for your business model, displaying the right products the right way, asking Greg Perkinsappropriate questions, carefully listening to answers and presenting your design concepts as the solution to their need. It may come as a surprise that making it all about them is the best way to get your way!

Speaker: Greg Perkins, Larson-Juhl  
  Purchase here. Members $10.00. Non-members $15.00.


The Magic 3: Learning, Usage, Creativity Webinar ARCHIVE
  Wendi SpiessThe best way to authentically engage is by providing knowledge that persistently keeps the photo creativity conversation going, while always leading to a sale. It takes a deft touch to create a win-win between retailer and customer, but if you can accomplish the delicate balance, this type of content can do a lot of heavy lifting as far as sales conversion (as high as 10-25%) and long-term loyalty (priceless).  We'll get into specific examples of learning, usage, and creativity content, driven by a proactive and strategic editorial calendar, with much of it executable by independent retailers with limited budgets.
Speaker: Wendi Spiess, Ninebird Publishing

Free for PMA+ members (contact Purchase here.  Members $10.00.  Non-members $19.00.

Clear Film Book Mounting Webinar ARCHIVE

  millerClear film is useful for many mounting techniques, and Book Mounting is among the best of them.  Instead of mounting books, magazines, and whole newspapers in a traditional sink mount that covers their edges, learn in this session how to mount them showing the face and all four sides.  Clear film mounting may be your best choice for even the largest books and magazines, providing good overall support  regardless of condition; even for old, fragile books with deteriorated binding.  This online session includes illustrated instructions for float mounting all sorts of books and whole newspapers, plus a new removable book mount.  These mounting techniques make no changes to the item and are suitable for preservation framing, using easy-to-master, low-risk methods.  Clear film book mounts are non-invasive and completely reversible. Sponsored by Meadowbrook Insurance Group
Speaker: James Miller, MCPF, GCF, ARTFRAME Inc.    

   Members $10.00.  Non-members $15.00.  Purchase here 
  Introduction to the Master Certified Picture Framer Exam Webinar ARCHIVE

David LantripThe Master Certified Picture Framer is the highest and most prestigious professional credential in the international framing industry. If you are currently a Certified Picture Framer and are interested in taking the next step in accreditation this class will help you prepare. We will discuss the purpose, benefits and content of the exam, what will be expected of a MCPF candidate, the exam process and scoring, and how a Master Certified Picture Framer can maintain the designation.
Speaker: David Lantrip, MCPF, GCF, Franchise Concepts Inc. 

   Members $10.00. Non-members $15.00.   Purchase here
 Add Style. Add Profits.  Webinar ARCHIVE
  Greg PerkinsWhen customers make the decision to have something custom framed, they are coming to you for your ideas and expertise. In this webinar, Greg will share his tips on how you can take an ordinary frame design and make it more special. These are ideas that don't take a lot of your time and many won't cost your customers much more money. Yet, when you add one unique thing to each frame design, it can do wonders for your bottom line sales and profits. Don't miss it!
Speaker: Greg Perkins, Larson-Juhl 
  Members $10.00. Non-members $15.00. Purchase here
  Introduction to the Certified Picture Framer Exam Webinar ARCHIVE

David LantripThe Certified Picture Framer  (CPF) designation is an internationally-recognized credential which recognizes the skills and knowledge of a professional picture framer. This  webinar class will help explain the purpose and content of the exam, the benefits of certification and the examination process itself. We will discuss recommended exam preparation materials and how a framer can prepare for the exam to maximize chances of success and how to maintain the CPF designation.    
Speaker: David Lantrip, MCPF, GCF, Franchise Concepts Inc.

   PPFA members $10.00.  Non-members $15.00.  Purchase here
  Photographer's Legal Guide Webinar ARCHIVE
  Wendi SpiessAttorney Carolyn E. Wright, aka the “Photo Attorney,” discusses legal and business issues affecting photographers, including copyrights, restrictions on photography, contracts, insurance, taxes, licenses, and more. Wright’s presentation is adapted from her book, the “Photographer’s Legal Guide,” and her blog at Time is allotted for questions and answers.
Speaker: Carolyn E. Wright, The Law Office of Carolyn E. Wright LLC and
  Purchase here Free for PMA+ members.
The Evolution of Pricing Webinar ARCHIVE
  Carol GrahamThis 30-minute training will review five different pricing strategies commonly used today in the picture framing industry. Each will be objectively reviewed to determine their merits and potential downfalls. The question is, “where are you at?” Are you still at step one, struggling to make changes? Have you reviewed your current structure?  There really is an evolution to pricing and no one method is perfect. We’ll review some old methods, possibly learn some new ones and re-evaluate where you are in your pricing strategies and what will work best for you.
Speaker: Carol Graham, FrameReady
  Purchase here
  Social Media @ Kodak: Lessons Learned, Some the Hard Way! Webinar
  hoehnjennyKodak has been engaged in social media for more than 3 years. Jenny and Tom will share some of Kodak's hits, misses, and opportunities.  Navigating a digital transformation, growing B2B, the quest for ROI, connecting with our customers, and more.

Speakers:  Jennifer Cisney, Chief Blogger and Social Media Manager; Thomas J. Hoehn, Director, Interactive Marketing and Convergence Media    

  Free for PMA+ members. Purchase here 
  Protective Framing: 10 Strategies to Increase Sales!  Webinar ARCHIVE

millerLearn 10 strategies to increase sales of protective framing to consumers!  Framing related specialties, visualization systems, advertising, displays, POP visual aids, flyers, models – and more! Find out what to use – and how – to bring in consumers!

Speaker: James Miller, MCPF, GCF, ARTFRAME, Inc.

  Purchase here
  Women Are from Venus … Does Your Store Look Like MarsWebinar ARCHIVE
  Jill WightFor men, shopping is a task; but for women, it’s more of an experience or an event. Women tell their friends about shopping experiences, for better or worse, and their word is powerful. In this webinar, Jill Wight, jill-e designs Inc., explains how retailers can influence a woman’s spending simply by presenting their store, and products, with her in mind.

Speakers: Jill Wight and Gail Backal, jill-e designs Inc.

  Free for PMA+ members. Purchase here.
  Mounting Coins and Medals with Clear Film Webinar ARCHIVE
  millerIn this 30-minute PPFA webinar, learn how to mount coins using clear  film to show the entire surface of one side or both sides.  Jim also describes how to mount medals of all types, sizes, and shapes using using clear film "spider" mounts, which may be shaped manually or on your computerized mat cutter. These clear film mounts for coins and medals are nearly invisible, fully supportive and secure, completely non-invasive, and reversible.  These and other clear film mounting techniques are covered in Jim's book, Mounting Objects with Clear Film, available from the  PPFA Bookstore.
Speaker: James Miller, MCPF, GCF, ARTFRAME Inc.
  Purchase here
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