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PPFA Certification

Would you like to give yourself an edge over your competition? How about improving your knowledge and skills in the technical art of framing and preservation?

CPF/Recert/MCPF schedules

Certified Picture Framer (CPF)
Through the PPFA Certified Picture Framer® (CPF®) Program, you can test your knowledge in the five exam content areas: Preservation, General Knowledge, Mechanical, Math and Mounting…and earn the framer's mark of excellence, the CPF designation. More than 3,800 individuals worldwide have achieved CPF status since the program's inception in 1986.

Recertification Program
PPFA developed Recertification in 1996 to strengthen the value of the CPF designation while helping framers stay abreast of advances in the art and framing industry. The Recertification course is a requirement for individuals who earned the CPF designation after 1993 and for all framers who have earned the MCPF designation. PPFA offers a one-day course at its annual conference; and also now offers a course on DVD so framers can recertify in the comfort of their own home or frame shop.

Master Certified Picture Framer (MCPF)
Any picture framer who has a minimum of four years of hands on experience in retail or wholesale picture framing, who has been a CPF for a minimum of four years and has taken a Recertification course within the last four years, may apply for the Master Certified Picture Framer® (MCPF®) examination.

"In addition to the educational benefits, the CPF program brought an unexpected but pleasant surprise. We mentioned it on the website, and were surprised to see a large increase in traffic. The search term "Certified Picture Framer" is bringing 400-600 unique visitors to our website each month. While only a small percentage is close enough to visit the shop, they tend to be high quality referrals who want the best materials and treatments for their project."

Andrew Langlois, CPF


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