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PMA Certified Passport Photo Center Program



 Your PMA Passport to Success!

Increase your revenues!

Passport photos have huge margins!

You already know that passport photos provide huge gross margins and high perceived value. A piece of paper costing the store pennies becomes an ID photo customers need for their dream vacations.  

How will PMA increase your passport photo profits?

Customers prefer an expert who knows government rules and regulations inside and out and can provide a 100% guarantee of success to customers – customers who will be happy campers knowing their passport or visa photos won’t be rejected. (And while they’re in your store getting passport photos – you have a captive audience for your products, services and classes.)
PMA will train and certify you and your employees to become a PMA Certified Passport Photographer. 

PMA Certified Passport Photo Center marketing materials will proudly and confidently advertise your new premium status and give you a well-defined edge over the competition.

PMA Certified Passport Photo Center Directory will drive new customers to your location.

What is a PMA Certified Passport Photo Center? 
  • All passport photos are guaranteed to meet government specifications
  • All passport equipment, camera and materials meet PMA Certification Standards
  • All passport photos are taken by a PMA Certified Passport Photographer

Who qualifies?
  • This program is perfect for independent photographers, portrait studios, and camera stores offering passport and ID photos.    
  • You will need to submit a sample of a passport photo taken under current store conditions.
  • U.S. and Canada members.  International modules coming soon. 
What is the cost? 

Less than the profit from photographing one more family. 

PMA Certified Passport Photo Center per store cost - $140 for PMA members.

PMA is offering this turn-key marketing program first to PMA members.   
  • The individual CPP test fee is $39 for up to 5 members of staff; $10 for each additional photographer, per store.
  • Certified Passport Photographers must recertify each year by taking a refresher course for $10 and will receive a new updated certificate annually upon completion of the module. 
  • Includes inclusion in the national directory, passport photo confirmation aids, fully customizable marketing materials and customizable public relations materials for your PMA Certified Passport Photographer and Photo Center.
  • Convenient payment options.  (You can afford to TRAIN, TEST, and CERTIFY EVERYONE on your team)
"The program is a remarkable opportunity to bring in new business and new profits, with very little cost or effort."  
~Bill Eklund, PMA President  

What's in it for me?
  • Recognition as a company committed to excellence
  • Employee training and certificates
  • Consumer outreach
  • Marketing Materials - see U.S. and Canada Marketing Materials below
    • Passports Q&A brochure about applying for a U.S. passport (supply to customers/print and e-versions); Canadian version available. 
    • Coupon for ads, website, promos
    • PMA CPP and PMA CPPC logo for print and web
    • Templates for locating the eyes before trimming, etc.
    • Sample press releases
    • PMA Certified Passport Photographer certificate to print, frame and display in your store with pride!
    • PMA Certified Passport Photo Center listing in online directory for consumers to locate you
    • 2 posters* - select your choice from 12 posters. A hi-res screen version in 16:9 format, for store monitors, Facebook pages and more, will also be provided.
    • And more!

      *Special offer:  
       Additional posters $10 ea.  |  *Customization:  $20/item
How do I sign up?
Please note:   
Companies with multiple locations must fill out a separate form for each store location that is to be listed in the PMA Certified Passport Photo Center Directory.

I have a question – who can I contact?

Call:  Renée Bryant at 800-762-9287, ext. 105
To view requirements by country visit Passport and Visa Photo Requirements.

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