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PPFA Committees, Boards, and Task Forces

Volunteers will serve as Committee or Board chairs and Board liaisons through January 2014 – a big thanks to all of them for their hard work and dedication.
 Advisory Committee/Strategic Planning
Chair and Board Liaison: John Pruitt, CPF
PPFA Liaisons: Elaine Truman, Jim Esp
Members: John Ranes II, CPF, GCF Ken Link Mark Klostermeyer, MCPF Rob Clark Rob Markoff, CPF, Stuart Altschuler
This PMA Committee, made up of PPFA members, advises PMA on strengths, changes, opportunities and challenges to the picture framing industry, offering insights and ideas to aid in strategic planning for PPFA. 

 Awards & Recognition Committee  
Chair: Linda Wassell, MCPF
Board Liaison: Mike Drury, MCPF
Members: Adela Davis, MCPF; Harry Gaston, CPF; Meghan MacMillan, MCPF ; Tony Tremonto
PPFA Liaison: Elaine Truman
Nominates recipients for the Annual PPFA Service Awards presented at the Annual Convention in Las Vegas: Lifetime Achievement, Service, Chapter Volunteer of the Year, Vivian Kistler Award of Recognition For Innovation, Paul Frederick Distinction for Leadership Award. 
Certification Board   
Chair: Ellen Collins, MCPF
Board Liaison: Joyce Michels, MCPF
Members: Alan Abeyta; David Lantrip, MCPF, GCF; Elli Wollangk, MCPF
PPFA Liaison: Sheila Pursglove
Oversees the Certified Picture Framer (CPF) and Master Certified Picture Framer (MCPF) programs, including the Recertification Course; oversees material for the CPF Study Guide; webcasts and courses/exams including the CPF Online exam; approves education sessions designated as MCPF Continuing Education credit. 
Chapter Relations Committee 
Chair:  Robert Grothues, MCPF
Board Liaison: Stuart Altschuler, CPF, GCF
Members: Sarah Beckett, MCPF; Cathy Coggins; Harry Gaston, CPF; Sue Gittlen, MCPF; Mikki Kavich, MCPF; Byron Ward, MCPF
PPFA Liaisons: Sheila Pursglove, Nick Shaver
Assists Chapter Leaders year-round; plans and delivers the annual Chapter Leaders Conference held in conjunction with the PPFA Annual Convention in Las Vegas.
Competition Board 
Chair: Linda Pujo, MCPF
Board Liaison: Robin Gentry, MCPF
Members: Fred Horton, MCPF; Linda Wassell, MCPF
PPFA Liaison: Sheila Pursglove
Oversees the annual PPFA International Framing Competition; assists Chapter Leaders in planning Chapter-level competitions; updates the Competition Guidelines annually; updates annual Competition forms; writes a regular CB Chat for Chapter Leaders and regular articles for the “For Members Only” newsletter; helps identify competition sponsors.
Consumer Awareness Committee 
Chair: *Randy Parrish, CPF
Board Liaison: Jared Davis, MCPF, GCF
Members: John Barlowe; Gary Blitsch; 
*Mary Fender, MCPF; Lynn Fey-Duncan; Karen Haden; *Mikki Kavich, MCPF; *Mike Labbe; *John Ranes II, CPF; *Paul Thomas; *Cliff Wilson, MCPF 
*Also members of Website sub-committee
PPFA Liaisons: Elaine Truman, Sheila Pursglove
Develops updates to PPFA’s consumer website, Find-A-Picture-Framer .com; promotes PPFA and the framing industry through Facebook pages, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social media. Strives to increase the visibility of PPFA and the industry, raise our SEO ratings and drive new consumers to the member search engine and into member frame shops.
Education Committee 
Chair: Fran Gray, MCPF
Board Liaison: Carol Graham
Members: Adela Davis, MCPF; Harry Gaston, CPF
PPFA Liaison: Sheila Pursglove
Develops speakers and topics for Chapter events and the PPFA Annual Convention. Develops MCPF Continuing Ed. credit sessions. Helps maintain a database of available chapter speakers through the online “Speaker Source.”
Framers Corner Committee 
Chair: Mike Labbe
Board Liaison: Cliff Wilson, MCPF
Members: Mikki Kavich, MCPF; Greg Norris, CPF; Jim Miller, MCPF
PPFA Liaison: Sheila Pursglove
Moderates the PPFA Framers Corner online forum; provides ideas to further develop the forum.
Guidelines Task Force 
Chair: Jim Miller, MCPF, GCF
Board Liaison: David Lantrip, MCPF, GCF
Members: William Parker, MCPF, GCF
PPFA Liaison: Elaine Truman
Develops PPFA-exclusive publications, including the PPFA Glossary of Terms, PPFA Guidelines to Framing Paintings on Canvas, PPFA Guidelines for Framing Textiles and Needlework, and PPFA Guidelines for Framing Works of Art on Paper.
Membership Committee 
Chair: Greg Norris, CPF
Board Liaison:  Cliff Wilson, MCPF
Members: Rob Clark; Cathy Coggins; Adela Davis, MCPF; Sue Gittlen, MCPF; Randy Parrish, CPF; Byron Ward, MCPF; Ormond Williams, MCPF
PPFA Liaisons: Elaine Truman, Sheila Pursglove
Develops ideas for increasing and retaining members.
Nominations Committee 
Chair and Board Liaison: Ron Mason, CPF
Members: Fran Gray, MCPF; Ken Link, CPF; Jim Miller, MCPF; L. Thomas McKeon, CPF; Cliff Wilson, MCPF
PPFA Liaison: Elaine Truman
Identifies member candidates to run for election to serve on the PPFA Board of Directors.
Oaks Club 
Chair: John Pruitt, CPF
Board Liaison: William Parker, MCPF, GCF
PPFA Liaison: Elaine Truman
Comprising PPFA past presidents, honoring historic perspective within our organization.
Scholarship Committee 
Chair: David Lantrip, MCPF, GCF
Board Liaison: William Parker, MCPF, GCF
Members: Kirstie Bennett; Mikki Kavitch, MCPF; Paul MacFarland, MCPF; Joyce Michels, MCPF;
PPFA Liaison: Elaine Truman
Selects annual recipients of the L. Thomas McKeon CPF Scholarship and Vivian Kistler MCPF Scholarship awards.
Supplier Committee 
Chair: Ken Link, CPF
Board Liaison: Carol Graham
Members: Rob Clark, Travis Nelson, David Waldmann 
PPFA Liaison: Elaine Truman
Works to increase communication between PPFA supplier members and the board providing supplier perspective to decision making; identifies ways to assist PPFA retailer members and grow the industry.

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