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PPFA News provides features and news of PPFA and the art and framing industry, profiles of PPFA retailer members, framing tips, marketing ideas, and much more! 
Current Issue of PPFA News (formerly FMO)  

Teamwork and Talent

Miranda Smith, a framer in Perth, Australia, the most isolated city in the world, gained work experience on a sheep station in the Australian outback, in a zoo, and in retail, before turning her talents to custom framing. The owner of Gallery 360, one of Australia’s largest independent framers, Miranda shares her experiences, tips for success, and a unique Aboriginal framed item with readers.

Also in this issue:   
  • See how Albuquerque framer Teri Winfield finds success as a Certified Personal Photo Organizer 
  • Read about Sophie Brown, one of Australia’s finest and most highly recognized conservation framer
  • What makes John Ranes II tick? Learn 21 fun facts about this framer and educator
  • California framers take part in 49ers art project at football stadium
  • Learn how to mount tassels, and how to mount Fuji Crystal Archive Digital Pearl Paper
  • News and photos from the National Capital and North Texas chapters
  • And much more!
All this and more in your September/October issue of PPFA News (formerly FMO)!

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