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Ed Monahan - Kodak Alaris


About Ed:

Ed Monahan has held a variety of positions in manufacturing, product line management and strategic planning during his 31 years at Kodak.  He pioneered the company’s entry into digital workflows in the professional markets in the 1990’s and that led Kodak to market leading positions in scanners, printers and software solutions.  In the last decade he has leveraged his experiences to help Kodak develop strategies and portfolios to compete in the new digital age.

Ed left Kodak in September 2013 to join Kodak Alaris and continue his role in strategic planning and market intelligence.  In his current role Ed is responsible for strategy development, industry sizing and market forecasts, and supporting the company’s key growth initiatives.  This role requires extensive research into consumer digital lifestyles, emerging digital ecosystems, and the implications these  will have on the consumer and professional photo markets.  His expertise includes Gen Y and Millenials, social networks, consumer consumption patterns and behavioral drivers, and the trends in the photo industry to move from prints to pages and screens.  Ed’s strength lies in the ability to study the dynamics that have shaped other industries and derive keen insights into how those forces will shape consumer photo behavior. 


Sessions with Ed Monahan