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 Make Money By Offering Photography Classes 
(And PMA Has Done The Tough Work For You!)
Welcome to the PMA Academy series
of consumer classes! 

Question:      What’s the No. 1 way to attract customers and make money?
Answer: Offer photography classes.
All well and good – but who has time to plan and develop classes while running a retail store?

Mark Comon, vice-president of Paul’s Photo, Torrance, Calif., and Mike Woodland, co-owner of Dan’s Camera City, Allentown, Pa., have done the work for you, with three semesters of “PMA Academy” classes!

PMA Academy Semester 1:
• Basic Photography – The Camera
• Basic Photography – The Image
• Basic Photography – The Exposure
• Basic Photography – The Light
• Basic Photography – Flash and Focus
• Basic Photography – Improve Your Image
• Beyond Beginner with your Compact Digital Camera
• Digital Cameras for Beginners
• Introduction to DSLR Flash
• Organizing and Archiving

Support materials include registration, confirmation and cancellation forms; class preparation suggestions; questionnaire; class requirements/prerequisites; tip sheets; flyer on legal rights of photographers; sample catalogs and promotional pieces; student assignments, quizzes, and more.

PMA Academy Semester 2:
• Intro to Photography
• Know Your Camera - Basics
• Know Your Software - Basics
• Studio Lighting Basics 

PMA Academy Semester 3:
• Know Your Camera - Intermediate
• Know Your Software - Intermediate
• Using Creative Off-Camera Flash
• Sports Photography Workshop

$199/ea. members | $599/ea. non-members Order Online Now!

(Single location only. Licenses for multiple locations are available. Please inquire with PMA membership to acquire a multiple location license.)


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