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In Memoriam

 Vivian Kistler

PPFA 2010: Where Education and Innovation Inspire
February 21-23, 2010

What’s In It For You?

What’s In It For You?

• Innovations in preservation framing techniques – find new services and capture niche markets
• Marketing ideas to attract new customers
• Learn to run a better business and boost your bottom line
• International Framing Competition – Take away inspiring design ideas and new techniques
• Certification – gain professional designation to stand above competitors

Take a Closer Look
Dynamic sessions will provide the knowledge and technical innovations you need for success!

• Framing Animation Cels
• Face Mounting Paper and Photos
• Fabric Wrapping hands-on workshops
• Shadow Boxes & Object Framing
• Sink Mounts for Glazed and Unglazed Art
• Installing on Difficult Surfaces
• Barrier Materials in Preservation Framing
• Striplining and Stretching Canvas
• Overlay Direct Contact Mounting

… and much more!





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