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DIMA Innovative Digital Product Awards 
For 14 straight years, the DIMA Innovative Digital Product Awards have been given to products or services utilizing new technologies and/or applications that make the product either distinct or the first of its kind.
 DIMA Innovative Digital Product Award
DIMA Photo Book Showcase 
Don’t miss this third annual presentation to see everything photo book in one place! Compare various aspects of photo book production, including user interface, template and binding options, and, of course, overall quality.
 DIMA Photobook Showcase
DIMA Photo Kiosk Shoot-Out
The DIMA Photo Kiosk Shoot-Out compares all major photo kiosk systems side-by-side, letting you test drive each system to determine which is best for your retail location. Whether you're printing on-site, pulling images from the web or sending to a 3rd party to fulfill, you will be able to find a photo kiosk that is perfect for you.

kiosk shootout gif


DIMA Digital Printer Shoot-Out
The DIMA Digital Printer Shoot-Out compares all aspect of digital printing, from equipment to consumables to software, side-by-side on a level playing field. Judged in perfect D50 lighting conditions, our panel of expert judges evaluate every aspect of quality and color.

DIMA Digital Printer Shoot-out

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