2009 DIMA Photo Kiosk Shoot-Out

The DIMA Photo Kiosk Shoot-Out is an annual event held at the PMA show to evaluate photo kiosk systems, side-by-side, on a level playing field. This event allows businesses looking to deploy photo kiosks into the marketplace an opportunity to “test drive” various systems in various configurations.

Photo kiosks are evaluated two ways, using many criteria as a basis for comparison. First, a panel of self-service experts evaluates the nuts and bolts of the system, judging criteria that are important to the retailer or deployer such as flexibility of the system, report generation, and compatibility issues.

The second panel of judges is made up of average consumers who look at features and benefits that are important to them, such as user interface, ease of use, features and tools.

The results of both panels of judges, expert and consumer, are posted at the DIMA Photo Kiosk Shoot-Out display on the PMA trade show floor for PMA attendees to closely evaluate. The kiosks will also be active and running throughout the duration of the PMA show for buyers and “tire-kickers” alike to get first-hand experience with each device.

The 2009 event will feature multiple photo kiosk systems in four categories: Digital Order Station, Instant Print Kiosk, Multi-Function Photo Kiosk, and Software Only. Please visit the DIMA Photo Kiosk Shoot-Out on the PMA 09 trade show floor to experience the only place to see the full breadth of photo kiosk technology.

The deadline for submitting entries into the 2009 DIMA Photo Kiosk Shoot-Out is Monday, January 16, 2009.

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