Exhibitor Frequently Asked Questions

When and where is the PMA 09 International Convention and Trade Show being held?
March 3-5, 2009, with pre-show education and events beginning January 29, 2008.
Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall
Las Vegas, Nevada USA

When is the Trade Show open?

Tuesday, March 3

10:15 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Wednesday, March 4

10:15 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Thursday, March 5

9:15 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Is the show open to the public?
The PMA 09 International Convention and Trade Show is not open to the public, only qualified retailers and managers may attend.

Prospective Exhibitor

How much does it cost to exhibit?
There are several different types of space within the PMA International Trade Show – Mini Booths, Standard Booths, Island (Peninsula) spaces, Technology Suites, and Private Conference Suites. It is possible to secure space in PMA 09 for as little as $2,375 (member price) for an 8’x8’ space. Please see the Exhibit Options and the PMA 09 Price Chart for more detailed information.

What is included in the price of an exhibit space?
All PMA 09 exhibit space includes:

  • Five (5) Exhibitor badges per 100 square feet; three (3) per 64-sq.-ft. Mini Booth
  • Booth vacuuming and wastebasket emptying before show and nightly
  • One (1) full company listing and description in the PMA 09 Official Program*
  • Up to 16 Product Guide listings in the PMA 09 Official Program*
  • PMA 09 official website exhibitor contact and product category search listings*
  • Company name inclusion in PMA 09 exhibitor list releases*
  • PMA Press Room services and pre-registered Press Lists
  • PMA 09 Exhibitor Information Manual
  • Discounted hotel room blocks with complimentary shuttle service (designated official hotels only)
  • Official Business Sessions and Keynote Sessions admittance
  • Eligibility to participate in PMA media, sponsorship, and marketing opportunities at extra cost
  • Customer Appreciation Coupons
  • Free use of the PMA Exhibitors Night Security Checkroom
  • PMA Priority Points for future booth selection advantage

*Inclusion depends on PMA receipt of your exhibiting application and listing information by applicable closing deadlines.

How do I purchase a booth?
You have two options for securing space at PMA 09. You may choose to view space availability online or to contact PMA Trade Exhibits for the most current information. Once you have selected the exhibit space you would like, contact PMA to place the space on hold and receive exhibiting materials, including the Application and Contract for Exhibit Rights, that are needed to confirm your assignment to the space.

For new exhibitor inquiries, please feel free to contact Jeff Frazine or Jon Rousseau for additional assistance.

Jeff Frazine
Executive, Association Sales
517-788-8100 x 289

Jon Rousseau
Director, Association Sales
517-788-8100 x288

Booth Setup and Teardown

When is exhibitor setup?
PMA 09 has targeted move-in and move-out schedules. Depending on the type of space that you have and its location, your target move-in time may begin as early as Friday, February 27. Please take a moment to view the Freight Target Floor Plan () and the Move-In Schedule to confirm your target date. All exhibitors must have their exhibit space completely set up 45 minutes prior to the opening of the show on Tuesday, March 3.

Are furniture (tables and chairs) available?
Furniture items are available for an additional rental fee from GES Exposition Services. Please see their Furniture & Accessories and Specialty Furniture brochures in the Exhibitor Information Manual.

How do I order items for my booth (i.e. carpet, electrical, furniture)?
If you are interested in ordering additional items or services, such as carpeting, furniture, display structures, Internet service, telephone service, security or floral service, you may order directly from one of our official contractors whose contact information is available within the Exhibitor Information Manual.

How do I find out if my booth meets all regulations?
If you plan to use your own custom display at PMA, it is necessary that the Trade Exhibit Services Department approve the plans for setup. Please submit your plans via the PMA 09 Exhibit Online Order Center or fax them to 517-788-8371. Bill Covey will review the plans to make sure the display complies with all rules and regulations and will then return stamped, signed plans for your records. Any necessary revisions must be completed and reviewed prior to your move-in time.

Where do I ship my booth materials?
As an exhibitor, you have a choice of where to ship your exhibit materials. You may ship them to the advance warehouse or directly to the Las Vegas Convention Center. Please visit the online Shipping and Material Handling Guide to review the instructions and addresses for both options.

What does my insurance certificate need to include?
Each exhibitor must provide certification of its own liability insurance with “Comprehensive General Liability” including “Products Liability” and “Host Liquor Liability” in the event alcoholic beverages are to be dispensed in exhibits or hospitality suites. Such insurance should name Photo Marketing Association International as an additional insured and should be set at a minimum of one million dollars ($1,000,000). Each exhibitor must also provide itself with workers’ compensation insurance acceptable to the State of Nevada, and their own fire, pilferage, vandalism or other insurance if so desired. For more information on insurance needs, please see the Security and Insurance section of the Exhibitor Information Manual.

What should I do if my freight is not in my booth space when I arrive?
If you have chosen to take advantage of the advance warehouse shipping, you may confirm with GES the arrival of your shipment prior to leaving for the show. However, if your shipment is not in your booth when you arrive, you should go to the GES Servicenter® to check on its status. If it has not yet arrived, they can assist you in tracing your late arrivals.

What do I do with empty shipping containers during the show?
After you have emptied your shipping containers during setup, place “empty” stickers on them, noting your company name and space number. GES will pick up, store, and return your empty containers as a part of the material handling service.

Do you provide a secure location for overnight storage?
The complimentary Exhibitor Security Checkroom with 24-hour guard service is available for exhibitors who find it convenient to check smaller items when they cannot be within the exhibit hall.

Do I need to stay until the end of the event?
Yes. In your signed Application and Contract for Exhibit Rights, you agree to not pack, remove or otherwise disturb the good appearance of the exhibit until after the closing hour of the event on Thursday, March 5, 2009. Firms that pack up early may lose their Priority Points for PMA 09 participation and/or face other penalty.

When do exhibitors move out?
Depending on the type of space you have and its location, your deadline for moving out may be as early as Thursday, March 5, at 12:00 midnight. Please review the Freight Target Floor Plan/Move-Out Schedule ( http://www.mypmai.org/pma09/exhibitor/manual/pg_116.asp) to confirm your target date and time.

How do I ship my freight at the close of the event?
If you are shipping your exhibit materials by van line or common carrier, you will need to file a Bill of Lading with the GES Servicenter® after you have completed packing. Small packages may be shipped via FedEx from the business center at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Miscellaneous Exhibitor Information

When will I receive my Exhibitor Information Manual, and what does it include?
The Exhibitor Information Manual will be available online in early Novebmer. This manual contains all the information you, as an exhibitor, will need to prepare for PMA 09, including rules and regulations, sponsorship and promotional opportunities, housing and registration information, and more.

May I sell products during the event?
Cash-and-carry merchandise sales cannot be permitted; orders may be taken for future delivery only.

May I conduct demonstrations in my booth space?
Demonstrations are not only permissible, they are encouraged, providing that you follow a few simple regulations. First, your demonstration should be held within your space in such a location as to allow the spectators to also be within your space and not in the aisle or neighboring spaces. Second, the use of sound-making and amplification devices must not exceed acceptable levels (80 decibels maximum) at the aisle and may not interfere with others.

Can I run photo-processing equipment live in my booth space?
Photo-processing demos can be allowed at PMA 09, provided they conform to all applicable health, safety and environmental laws and regulations. If you will produce spent chemistry or wastewater in your product demonstration, you must complete a Chemical Waste Generator Statement and make advance arrangements with the official chemical recycling contractor.

Who is the chemical recycling contractor?
The chemical recycling contractor for PMA 09 will be Safety-Kleen Corp.

Contact: Scott Paker
Safety-Kleen Corp.
4582 Donovan Way
North Las Vegas, NV 89031
(702) 296-8096

Can exhibitors attend educational sessions?
Yes, exhibitors are allowed to attend any of the educational sessions that are available to Full Trade Show badge registrants.

Will my company information be listed?
Yes. If all necessary deadlines are met, your company name and space number will be listed in PMA press releases, PMA 09 International Convention and Trade Show promotional brochures, the PMA magazine and the PMA 09 Official Program, available at the show and on the PMA 09 website.

Do you have special offers that I can use as incentives for my customers to attend?
A Customer Appreciation Coupon will entitle your client to a free Single-Day Trade Show badge or $29 off the Full Trade Show registration. There is a limit of one (1) coupon per person, but more than one (1) coupon may be used per trade firm. After the show, you may request a list of registrants who used your coupons. Please contact Robeyn Joseph by e-mail at rjoseph@pmai.org or phone 517-788-8100 to order your firm’s printed or PDF version of the CACs.

Where do I drop off my press kits on-site?
Although it is possible for you to hand deliver your press kits to the PMA Press Room on-site, the best method for getting your information there is to ship them directly to:

PMA Show Press Room
c/o GES Exposition Services
7000 Lindell Road
Las Vegas, NV 89118
to arrive no later than February, 23, 2009

If you have any questions, please contact Tom Crawford at 517-788-8100.

What is SmartBooth?
SmartBooth is your robotic rep – an automated, web-based, lead-finding agent that identifies your unique prospects as registration builds and drives them to your booth.

What are PMA EventKeywords?
EventKeywords connect you with attendees who are actively searching for what you sell, before and during PMA 09.

What other opportunities are available for promoting my company?
At PMA 09, we want to help you connect with your audience and make sales. That’s why we’ve developed several sponsorship opportunities that will enhance your presence at the show. Choose from various available sponsorship and promotional opportunities.

Registration and Badges

How do I register my company’s exhibit staff?
Register yourself and your company’s exhibit staff online or to order only badges for those people who will be assigned to work in your booth, please use the Exhibitor Personnel Registration Form. To order educational session, social or special event tickets, in addition to your exhibitor personnel badges, please use the Full Convention Registration Form.

How do I make a change to my registration?
Please contact the PMA Registration Department at either (800) 248-8804 or (517) 788-8100, or e-mail registration@pmai.org.

How many exhibitor badges am I allowed?
The Exhibitor Badge allowance is five (5) badges per 100 sq. ft. of exhibit space or per booth purchased (three (3) badges per Mini Booth). Badges ordered over your allowance are billed at the rate of $49 member/$99 non-member. The exhibitor badge allowance only covers exhibitor personnel badges. Guest and Customer badges are billed at the normal attendee badge rates.

I am having problems registering on the website. Is there someone I can speak to?
Please contact the PMA Registration Department at either (800) 248-8804 or (517) 788-8100, or e-mail registration@pmai.org.

When will I receive my badge?
All registration materials will be mailed to arrive at least two weeks prior to the convention.

What if the information on my badge that I received in the mail is incorrect?
Please send any badge corrections or changes by fax to 517-788-8371, or contact the PMA Registration Department by phone at either (800) 248-8804 or (517) 788-8100, or e-mail registration@pmai.org.

Travel Information

Where is PMA 09 being held?
Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall
Las Vegas, Nevada USA

What hotels are offering special rates?
PMA is negotiating special pricing deals with hotels in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. Please check back to the PMA 09 website often, as information will be posted as soon as it is available.

As an exhibitor, how do I get an International Visa letter of invitation?
Once you have contracted for your booth space, send an e-mail requesting an International Visa Letter of Invitation to Robeyn Joseph at rjoseph@pmai.org.

More information on visas can be found online at the PMA International Visitor Center.

Will there be shuttles to/from the convention center and the hotels?
Complimentary shuttle bus service is available by PMA during convention hours to and from most PMA 09 hotels and the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall. Your badge is your bus ticket.

Is there a PMA airport shuttle?
PMA does not operate an airport shuttle, but there are several companies operating shuttle services to the Las Vegas Strip and downtown hotels. The cost for a one-way trip to the Strip is approximately $5. All shuttles are located outside the baggage claim area of McCarran International Airport.

Where is the Las Vegas Convention Center located?
The Convention Center address is:
Las Vegas Convention Center
3150 Paradise Road
Las Vegas, NV 89109 USA

Miscellaneous General Information

Can I bring my spouse and children?
Yes, family is welcome; guest badges are the same as attendee badges. Badges are available for $49 member/ $99 non-member (full show) or for $25 member/$49 non-member for a single day show pass. There is no charge for children under 18 that are accompanied by an adult on the Trade Show floor, but badge registration is required.

Are wheelchairs or motorized scooters available?
Wheelchairs and motorized scooters for use during convention hours can be reserved through the PMA Meetings department by calling (800) 248-8804 or (517) 788-8100.

What is the dress for the show?
Business casual is the preferred style, but is not mandatory.

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