6Sight Conference Program


6Sight 2008 Program
All events held at the Monterey Conference Center, Steinbeck Forum, unless otherwise noted.

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November 18

5:30 - 7:00

Welcome Reception
Located at Maritime Museum of Monterey

Day One – November 19
6Sight The Future of Imaging Conference includes several panel discussions, speaker presentations, clusters, and product demonstrations. Clusters contain several sessions, panel discussion, and product demonstrations all focused on a particular topic.

7:00 - 8:00

Portola Hotel and Spa Lobby

8:30 - 8:40

Welcome Remarks
Speaker: Joe Byrd, 6Sight Conferences LLC; Ted Fox, PMA; Kim Toren-Freeman, Allied Photographic & Imaging

8:40 - 8:55

The 6Sight Perpective
Speaker: Alexis Gerard

A Big Picture view of the challenges and opportunities facing the imaging industry, by Alexis Gerard, founder of Future Image and 6Sight conferences.

8:55 - 9:45

Keynote: Press the Button 2.0
Speaker: Bill Lloyd, Chief Technology Officer, Eastman Kodak Company

Over a century ago, Kodak promised consumers that they could enjoy the experience of photography without understanding the complexity. Technologies, markets, and usage patterns have changed tremendously, but the goal is as relevant today as it was then.

Lloyd will describe the technological challenges that need to be solved to make “Press the Button 2.0” a reality and will discuss technologies that can remove complexities from the imaging process and allow consumers to enjoy the experience, including artificial intelligence, image understanding, ubiquitous networking, automated image tagging, hybrid display/input devices, and much more.


9:45 - 9:55

New Technology Showcase
Speaker: Bob Goldstein, Apeer

9:55 - 10:15

Morning Break
Located at the 6Sight Tech Fair in the Steinbeck Forum

10:15 - 11:20

Cluster: The Future of Cameras
What features and capabilities should we expect to see in the next generations of cameras, ranging from entry-level point-and-shoot devices to sophisticated SLRs? This session will open with a “State of the Industry” presentation by Future Image analyst Paul Worthington who has covered the digital camera market for the past 10 years, and authored several groundbreaking research studies. This presentation will be followed by two moderated panel discussions focusing on point-and-shoot and DSLR respectively.

State of the Camera Industry
Speaker: Paul Worthington, Future Image

New Technology Showcase 2
Ellen Cargill, Tenebraex

Panel Discussion
Paul Worthington, Future Image
Dr. Goulin Ma, DxO Labs; Darrin Pepple, Fujifilm U.S.A. Inc.; Gregg Vandivert, Eastman Kodak Company; Chuck Westfall, Canon

New Technology Showcase 3

11:30 - 12:30

Printing at the Speed of Ink
Speaker: John Larish, Jonrel Imaging Consultants
Scott Brownstein, Brownstein & McCabe Associates
Glen Hopkins, HP; Bing Liem, Fujifilm U.S.A. Inc.; Bill Lloyd, Eastman Kodak Company

The staid old world of printing is undergoing a revolution. Imaging industry analyst John Larish will report from DRUPA, the world’s largest printing event, on new technologies that will impact your business. Then imaging luminary Scott Brownstein, who led teams developing single use cameras, instant print stations, scanning services, and many other groundbreaking technologies at leading photography companies including Kodak and Fuji, will lead a panel discussion highlighting printing models of the future for consumer and commercial applications.

12:30 - 1:45

Lunch in the Steinbeck Forum
With the 6Sight Tech Fair

1:45 - 2:00

New Technology Showcase
Speaker: Gregg Vandivert

2:00 - 3:10

Cluster: The Future of Camera-phones
In a few short years, camera-phones have come to overwhelmingly dominate worldwide sales of image capture devices. However the true impact on the imaging industry has remained frustratingly elusive. Are they a threat to point-and-shoot cameras, or a “gateway device” that leads to camera purchases? Will they prove to be a vast source of printed images, or will they drive customer behavior away from printing altogether? We’ll examine these and related issues in our annual “State of the Camera-phone” presentation, followed by a panel discussion.

State of the Camera-phone Industry
Speaker: Tony Henning, Future Image

New Technology Showcase 4
Speaker: Sami Niemi, Scalado

Panel Discussion
Moderator: Tony Henning, Future Image
David Cao, Arcsoft; Art Garcia, HP; Feisal Mosleh, Eastman Kodak Company; Venkat Puntambekar, Aptina; Goran Diminich, Vista Point Technologies, a Flextronics Company

3:10 - 3:30

Afternoon Break
Located at the 6Sight Tech Fair in the Steinbeck Forum

3:30 - 4:20

From the Worldwide Front Lines – International Retailers Panel
Moderator: William J. McCurry, McCurry and Associates
Phil Chapman, Black's Photo Corporation; Rob Tolmie, Photo Create; Martin Wagner, Ringfoto GmbH & Co.

Innovative technologies hold the promise of creating new revenue streams, but how are new products actually reaching customers, and what usage patterns are emerging? Our panel of leading retailers of digital imaging products and services from across the world will explain the trends they are observing in their respective countries, and share how they are steering their ships to take advantage of new opportunities.

4:20 - 5:20

Small Is Big
Moderator: Chris Aubuchon, Tessera
Panelists: Nicholas Butko, Machine Perception Lab; Jacob Whitehall, Machine Perception Lab

Image sensors are on the cusp of becoming a ubiquitous device, much like microprocessors that today number almost 150 per person. Rapid technical advancements and the multibillion unit cell phone market are accelerating the development of extremely small, extremely low cost, and in many cases “intelligent” camera modules that are poised to be deployed into a wide range of consumer devices including toys, multi-sensor cameras, automobiles, televisions, remote control devices, and more. We’ll present highlights of the latest developments and innovative uses being explored in labs and academic institutions throughout the world.

6:30 - 10:30

Gala Dinner Reception
Monterery Bay Aquarium

Day Two

8:00 - 8:30

Portola Hotel & Spa Lobby

8:00 - 8:30

AIE Business Meeting

8:30 - 8:35

Opening Comments from Alexis Gerard

8:35 - 9:20

Keynote: Guy Kawasaki
Speaker: Guy Kawasaki, Garage Technology Ventures

In the rapidly changing world of digital imaging, making sound business and strategy decisions is more important than ever.

One of technology’s revolutionary voices, Guy Kawasaki, comes to 6Sight to give his take on the strategic direction of businesses for the next three to five years.

Guy Kawasaki is a founding partner and entrepreneur-in-residence at Garage Technology Ventures. He is also the co-founder of Alltop.com, an “online magazine rack” of popular topics on the Web. Previously, he was an Apple Fellow at Apple Computer, Inc.


9:20 - 10:35

The Analyst View
Speaker: Kristy Holch, Consumer Electronics
Liz Cutting, NPD; Steve Hoffenberg, Lyra Research, Inc.; Marion Knoche, GfK Marketing Services; Ed Lee, InfoTrends, Inc.; Gary Pageau, PMA; Paul Worthington, Future Image 

By popular demand we reprise our Analyst Panel where representatives of the leading imaging analyst firms compare and contrast their views on key issues and opportunities for the years ahead.

10:35 - 10:45

New Technology Showcase
Speaker: Rodney Shaw, Vista Point Technologies, a Flextronics Company

10:45 - 11:00

Morning Break
Located at the 6Sight Tech Fair in the Steinbeck Forum

11:00 - 11:45

Veni, Video, Vici
As the core technologies that enable both still and video capture converge, customers are becoming increasingly flexible about which they use. They are no longer limited by equipment choices, but decide according to the nature of the experience they wish to preserve. We’ll examine how the coming dominance of high definition will affect user behaviors, and look for emerging models to develop recurring revenue streams from personal video content.

Panel Discussion
Moderator: Paul Worthington, Future Image
Andrei Andrievsky, Eastman Kodak Company; Simon Fleming, Pure Digital; Tanguy Leborgne, Pinnacle; Chuck Westfall, Canon

11:45 - 11:55

New Technology Showcase
Michael R. Moore, RocketLife

11:55 - 12:45

Cluster: Living Room Imaging
The proliferation of high-definition televisions and home networks is driving a new way for consumers to enjoy their pictures and videos that goes far beyond an easier and improved version of the slide show. Simultaneous high-speed internet access to online information sources and distant friends and family, promises to take the experience into uncharted and promising territory.

Panel Discussion
Moderator: Aimee Baldridge, Independent Technology Journalist
Jay Elliott, Voyant International Corporation; Lee Shupp, Cheskin; Gregg Vandivert, Eastman Kodak Company

12:45 - 2:00

Lunch in the Steinbeck Forum
With the 6Sight Tech Fair

2:00 - 2:10

New Technology Showcase
Speaker: Iain Scholnick, ImageSpan

2:40 - 3:10

Cluster: Geo-Imaging
Geo-imaging – the convergence of imaging with geographic data – promises to finally solve, effortlessly and comprehensively, the problem of annotating images with the relevant “where” information. But wait, there’s more – much more: It’s also enabling the rapid and organic creation of a visual encyclopedia of our world, whose innumerable uses and benefits we are only beginning to realize. We’ll examine the likely shape of coming developments and emerging business models.

Infrastructure Demos
Speakers: Peter Birch, Google Earth; Bill Crow, Microsoft

Panel Discussion
Moderator: Paul Worthington, Future Image
Yuval Koren, Eye-Fi; Mark Terry, Geotate

3:10 - 3:30

Artificial Eye
Speaker: Rob Spence, Spence TV and the University of Toronto

Rob Spence is a one-eyed documentary director and producer in Toronto, Canada who had his work on Discovery, The CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation), Vision, and Space TV. Rob is in development on a documentary film about how video and humanity intersect. Appropriately, he is retro-fitting his prosthetic eye to become a wireless video camera. In order to build this bionic eye, Rob has partnered with Steve Mann, an MIT graduate and professor of electrical engineering and cybernetics at University of Toronto. Mann, also known as the world's first cyborg, is a self-experimenting pioneer in the field of wearable computing with special attention paid to wireless video cameras.

3:30 - 3:40

Closing comments from Alexis Gerard

3:40 - 6:00

Farewell Reception
Located at the 6Sight Tech Fair in the Steinbeck Forum


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