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Spiro, Steven  

Steven Spiro
Chief Executive Officer
Tracer Imaging
Steven Spiro, Chief Executive Officer, has 17 years experience in the sales, marketing and product development of computer-related hardware, software, instruments and networking interfaces. His background consists of organizing and training a complete sales force, to bringing devices and computer management systems to the medical market place and selling more than $8 million of product to a wide base of customers. Steven founded the Company in 2002. Prior to that, he was a founder of SwingCam, a computer assisted learning device for the sports market where he spent 4 years creating video technology and working directly with Eastman Kodak to advance the use of video graphics in its photographic lenticular technology. Steven initiated and presided over all of SwingCam’s product development and sales initiatives. Previously, he spent seven years in the sales and product development of computer-based systems for Marquette Medical Systems, a subsidiary of General Electric. 

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