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Swee, Terrence  

Terence Swee
Founder and CEO
MUVEE Device Solutions Group
Terence Swee has a Masters degree in Computer Engineering and is also an award winning musician and jazz pianist.  Terence combined his music knowledge and signal processing background to develop algorithms to automatically measure the beats and  "Emotional Index" of music.  Terence then founded muvee and incorporated these patented technologies which automatically edits home movies.  As the chief deal maker, Terence grew muvee from a bunch of rock band geeks to over 50 strong with offices in Seoul, Tokyo, Silicon Valley and headquarters in Singapore.  muvee's products are licensed by the likes of HP & Seagate, and found on cameras from Flip to Olympus.  muvee's Devices Group develops advanced video editing applications embedded in Nikon cameras and phones by Nokia, LG and Samsung.  

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