SpenceRobRob Spence
President, Rob Spence TV
Co-Project Leader, University of Toronto

Rob Spence is a one-eyed documentary director and producer in Toronto, Canada who had his work on Discovery, The CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation), Vision, and Space TV.

His most recent documentary featured Rob as an on-camera director in "Let's All Hate Toronto" - a comic look at why Canadians are so hard on their biggest city. When it broadcast last year it got the highest ratings ever for the award winning and internationally recognized documentary strand "The Lens" on CBC Newsworld.

Currently, Rob is in development on a documentary film about how video and humanity intersect. Appropriately, he is retro-fitting his prosthetic eye to become a wireless video camera.

In order to build this bionic eye, Rob has partnered with Steve Mann, an MIT graduate and professor of electrical engineering and cybernetics at University of Toronto. Mann, also known as the world's first cyborg, is a self-experimenting pioneer in the field of wearable computing with special attention paid to wireless video cameras.