MooreRMichealMichael R. Moore
CEO and founding Visan Partner,

Michael R. Moore, CEO and founding Visan Partner, provides Visan with visionary leadership in technology, business structure and operations. Through his leadership, Visan is gaining worldwide recognition of its RocketLife property. RocketLife provides end to end solutions for the photo-gifting business via Desktop, Kiosk, On-line, and back-room services.

Prior to Visan, Mr. Moore served as CEO of Play. In the spring of 2000 Mr. Moore won the National Association of Broadcasters award for most innovative business model for PSMG, a Play spin off. Prior to Play, Mr. Moore founded Progressive Image Technology, a company that engineered equipment widely used in broadcast, cable television, film and special effects creation.

Mr. Moore was named by Television and Technology as one of the 10 most influential people shaping Hollywood through his ideas and technologies. Mr. Moore received a number of patents in the field of computer graphics, animation and information science. Mr. Moore has held numerous board seats.