McCurryWilliamWilliam J. McCurry
McCurry Associates

It’s not Bill’s years in the industry that are important – it’s his perspective on what he sees and hears. Bill travels the PMA world, listening to PMA members to discover the profitable trends that propel individuals and companies to the next Big Thing.

Bill’s drive is to help small and medium businesses capture the profit opportunities that abound in our industry. His passion is providing insights that will lead individuals to great successes and joys.

Bill is active in the photo community by publishing the weekly email newsletter, McCurry Marketing Idea Exchange and hosts the HP Studio Users Group. He is a frequent contributor to the Best Photo List. Bill hosts the monthly DIMAcast Marketing Idea Exchanges for DIMA/PMA, He has been the lead author of four best-selling PMA books, and speaks at PMA gatherings around the English speaking world.