BrownsteinScottScott Brownstein
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Scott is a well known photo market and digital technology consultant. His clients include large retail and professional photo labs, equipment and consumable manufacturers and software and digital service providers. During his 23 years at Kodak, he was responsible for many advanced digital products including dye sublimation printing, “Create-A-Print” consumer operated kiosks and finally the Kodak PhotoCD system. In addition, he was also the founder and Chief Technology Officer of FujiFilm e-Systems where he was responsible for the conception and development of advanced digital solutions for the professional and retail markets alike. While at Fuji he was also the creative force behind 4 hour web to retail printing at more than 1000 Ritz camera stores and 1 hour web to retail printing at over 3500 Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club locations.

Scott was the founding president of the Digital Imaging Marketing Association, a member of board of trustees for its parent Photo Marketing Association and sits on the Board of Directors of PhotoChannel Networks Inc.

He holds 18 U.S. patents ranging from innovative film camera systems to dye-sublimation printing to CD-R.

Scott was awarded a BS degree in Physics from the University of Maryland and numerous industry awards and honors, including Germany’s Edward Rhein Prize for Technical Achievement, for the creation of the PhotoCD system.