Steve Hoffenberg
Director of Consumer Imaging Research
Lyra Research

Steve Hoffenberg is responsible for Lyra''s market research in consumer digital imaging products and services, and is the principal analyst for Lyra's Consumer Imaging Intelligence advisory service. Mr. Hoffenberg has nearly two decades of product management and market research experience in the digital imaging industry. He was the product manager for digital cameras at Leaf Systems, one of the pioneering companies of the digital photography industry in the early 1990s. He initially joined Lyra in 1996 as founding director of the Digital Photography Advisory Service. In 2000, Mr. Hoffenberg became director of product management at Sound Vision Inc., an engineering firm that designed consumer digital imaging and audio products. He rejoined Lyra in 2004 and led the company''s research in the digital television market before heading up the Consumer Imaging Intelligence service. Mr. Hoffenberg has a bachelor''s degree in psychology from the University of Vermont and a master''s degree with a concentration in electronic publishing from the Rochester Institute of Technology.