Don Franz
Group Publisher
Photo Imaging News 10915

Don Franz has been involved with the photography/photofinishing industry as an analyst/reporter/consultant for 40 years, covering both the amateur/consumer and professional segments. As Group Publisher of the Photofinishing News International Media Group, he is responsible for both the Asia and International Editions of Photo Imaging News, the various published reports and the Syndicated Photo Market Forecasting Service with market estimates from 2000 and forecasts out to 2013. He also writes for several international photo-imaging industry publications, and has been involved in most of the International IS&T Symposia on Photofinishing Technology and Marketing, organized European Photofinishing Symposia, and has spoken to numerous professional groups in the U.S.A., Europe, India, Japan, China, Australia, and South Africa. He frequently travels to international destinations to study the local/regional markets.